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Nurse our newly acuired emaciated rescue dog back to health

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goldieimissuMy heart is broken, but I have hope.

Have you ever seen a starved being…? It is something words can not describe. Last Tuesday we went to the rescue shelter, and saw this extremely emaciated collie X. He was just lying there looking up at us with the most gorgeous eyes, strange how starvation makes the eys more prominent, he looked weak, almost sick. We asked the caretaker if he may be sick, and was told, no he is just very quiet. We both wanted him immediately. He got carried to the car by the caretaker, as hubby had a fall few days earlier and broke a finger and bruised his hand. As we got home, he just slipped through the pallisade fence…something only a little dog can do. We managed to get him back inside the house…the front yard is out of limits for now. He was so dirty and smelly, that every time you touched him, you were forched to get the dirt and stench off by scrubbing your hands. The first time I touched him i realized why he was so lethargic, almost no muscle and certainly no fat, just ribs and bones contained in a bag of matted coat. The next day he went to the parlour, did we get a surprize! He looked 90% Rough collie, and 10% Alsation. He is so sweet,eager to please, when he has energy that is(He mostly sleeps, 22-23 hours). My heart is broken for him, but there is hope, i believe that we can nurse him back to the amazing dog he was intended to be although the prognosis for starved dogs is not good, but I’ll try my best, because i already love him so much, and don’t want him to die. 4 years ago

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