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read 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'


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phillhatton 1 year ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

Finished book within the hour. Disappointed about the fact that book and American movie have different endings. A few other complaints, but other than that… I love this book! 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love. 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Love, love, love!!!!

I have about 176 and some pages left to read, and I doubt I will finish before midnight. Which is fine; I will just have to do my consequence of organizing my shelves (and they do need to be organized!). I should have started reading my book earlier in the day, because then I could’ve finished already! Lesson to be learned. I’m going to read and finish before bedtime, surely. I’m in love with this book! It took awhile for me to be wholeheartedly into it because of its length, but once I got past that… yes. Let me reiterate that I looove Lisbeth Salander! Because I saw the American version of the film, I keep seeing scenes and the actors play in my mind. I love Rooney Mara as Lisbeth, and I have to put in that I hope Rooney wins an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Seeerrriously! From what I remember, Rooney Mara was dead on in her portrayal. To me, she IS Lisbeth Salander. I love the character so much that I doubt I’ll hate the original Swedish variations of the character and movie. Okay, enough gushing – back to my book! 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I found out that the Oscars isn’t till next Sunday! Haha, whoops! That’s good news, because after my show Once upon a Time is over, I want to go back to reading my book and hopefully finish it early tomorrow! 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I’m done with my goal of reading half of my book today. I’m going to need to finish my book by tomorrow. 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I’ve decided I’m only going to watch the Oscars tonight if I’ve read the half of ‘Dragon Tattoo’ today! So wish me luck! I’m getting up at 9 AM and I’m just going to be mostly reading. 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I’ve had a headache basically all day. I didn’t go to ABE today and I haven’t read “Dragon Tattoo” as much as I’ve wanted to because I was sleeping for hours. I’m moving my challenge date again… to the 20th. Why does this book have to be so long? XD 2 years ago

Zijue 2 years ago

Josh 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

The length of the book unfortunately intimidates me and there’s no way being at page 112 that I’ll finish tomorrow. I have school tomorrow, also, and don’t want to be tired. Moved my challenge date to the 15th of February. 2 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

I loove Lisbeth Salander. <3 I wish she was real so that I could show her how much I love her... Rofl. 2 years ago

AtticusLatticus 2 years ago

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