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dofleinitaZA3 more...

-Spud (john van de ruit)
-Under the Color of Law (Michael McGarrity)
-Five South african Short Stories (Reader’s Digest) 4 years ago

dofleinitaZATwisted Fables for Twisted Minds - the Barefoot Doctor

Disappointing. the characters got to big and weird and what hapened to them was so outlandish that, while it’s fun for the first 50 pages, afterw that it’s quite dull. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAThe Witch of Portabello Road- Paulo Coehlo

Again, a few words at exactly the right time. I really do love his writing, even when it feels silly or obvious. When it’s on, it is SO on. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAListening to the Light by Jim Pym

A beautiful Quaker book. Simple, giving a solid base of the fundamentals of Quakerism. Lovely. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAthe Suspicions of Mr. whicher, or The Murder at Road Hill House

This excellent murder mystery is incredibly exciting for the first hald, then dribbles into technicalities for the second half. While impeccably researched, the author fails to hold a through-line that grabs us once the murder has been solved. Worth reading, for sure, but I’m a bit disappointed. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZABang Bang Club

wow. this book gave me a shocking history of South Africa’s not so distant violent past. While graphic and disturbing, I very hughly recommend it, as the journalists who write it are extraordinary storytellers and the stories they tell should not be forgotten. 4 years ago


Finally. This book is beautiful and stunning and I can’t recommend it highly enough. However, it acquired emotional baggage for me and I am now very happy to love it and release it into the world. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAThe Road

oof. Gorgeous and dark and sad and strange. Not light reading, but engrossing and quick. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAThe List:

Books I brought with me are:

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell-
The Pilgrimage- Paula Coehlo
Veronika Decides to Die- Paulo Coehlo
The Witch of Portabello- Paulo Coehlo
The Road – Cormic McCarthy
Middlesex –
Shantaram -
A Traveller’s history of South Africa -
Charlatan –
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher -

In addition I’ve started:
The Bang Bang Club

That’s the partial, to-be-edited list. 10 books in 3 months is totally doable, even when several of them are huge. Yes? Yes. I am trying to include as much South African literature as possible in addition. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAThe Pilgrimage- Paulo Coehlo

This book is done, but I’m not done with it. It has actually affected me very deeply and I hope to try more of the exercises in it soon. I can’t actually say enough about how it has inspired me. 4 years ago

dofleinitaZAJonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Wonderful giant detailed book that draws you into a whole world! Amazing magical story. 4 years ago

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