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outnow 2 weeks ago

mymirror8 5 months ago

K_SizzleJust Waiting on percentages

If you are in the military, you know what this means 9 months ago

K_Sizzle 9 months ago

et85219 2 years ago

5yearsGetting out of active duty army medically

I have been having many problems since deployment. I am currently taking medication for depression and anxiety and nov of 2011 I injured my Achilles tendon. It seems like the military is doing nothing but giving me meds and expecting it to fix itself. I have developed chronic pain and have two major issues I’m dealing with. How long do I have to wait until they refer me to MEB. I have served 5 years loyally and never have had one bad counseling. Hope someone has had something similar to this. Thanks 2 years ago

5years 2 years ago

user3348 2 years ago


i have been in for 7 months and currently in mannhiem germany how do i get out what is the process i need help please 2 years ago

user2328 2 years ago

meek3408 2 years ago


I was honest with my command about the waning of my interest in the Army, and they worked with me to get out. I ended up being diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood and am being administratively discharged under AR 635-200 Chapter 5-13. I’m getting a fully Honorable Discharge and will quality for 16 months of GI bill benefits. Mission accomplished. 2 years ago

sega1818 2 years ago

SteelersFan1oRoad from Active Duty Army to discharge

E 4 soldier who is not currently happy with his career 3 years into it. simply want to find out all avenues of approach there are that could get me out of the military with an Honorable discharge. any all help on this matter would be greatly appreciated . 2 years ago

SteelersFan1o 2 years ago

jesserudolph 5 years ago

D.g. Estersome good, some bad.... still wanna get out

when it comes to the army, i can’t deny the fact that some good has came out of it for me. i got a nice 20k bonus, i got to see foreign countries, and i even got to see part of the united states that i hadn’t seen before. these are good things that happened to me when i joined the army. things that i most likely wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. (except for seeing different parts of the us).

when it comes to things i don’t like about the army, it seems like i could go on and on forever though. pointlessly standing around waiting for someone else to do their job is usually what i hate most nowadays. i’m pretty sure that most people in the army can relate to that one. the next would be dealing with rude and irrational people. they are everywhere in the army. it may be just me, but it also definitely seems like these people tend to gravitate to combat arms mos’ because i’ve met a lifetime supply of rude people that i could care less to ever see again. nco powertrips. god how i hate those. i hate people asserting beliefs or assuming that they know me! forced motivation. mass punishment. sitting around in the desert doing nothing. uniform appearance nagging. drawing my weapon out, cleaning it constantly…. and never using it. i hate the stress thats always put on timeliness, yet all we do is sit around after we show up. i hate being treated like i’m retarded. moreover, i hate when anyone asks me any kind army related question too because i honestly don’t give a shit about army facts. i’m not an army robot, or some kind of patriotic dick sucker.

its the little things like that seem to make the days go by so much slower. i don’t personally ‘blame’ anybody for those little things because i know i made the choice to be here. but i’m also firmly making the choice to get out while i still have dreams and aspirations. being in the army is no kind of dream or aspiration for me. i don’t see how it could be for anyone… unless you like really huge ego powertrips. the only thing i’ve done since i’ve been in for 3 years is field problem after field problem after field problem. tons of the same boring crap. training is all i’ve done since i’ve joined.

with my ets time a year and half down the road…. all that training is pointless for me. i’m not gonna use combat skills when i get out – i don’t plan on being a cop or doing anything where i have to have a weapon. big, huge, ginormous waste of my time. but i’ll end up dodging assholes anyways. i hate it way more than love it. im just objective enough to admit that there has been a few good things i’ve gotten from the army. but one of the most important lessons i’ve learned is that if you want something from the army, you just have to fucking take it. learn about the system and how it works, then learn your own ways around it. 2 years ago

D.g. Ester 2 years ago

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