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Glamorous_WallflowerDay 7

After a month of absolutely no exercise and of a lot of emotional turmoil, I ran the lake again. It felt routine which is good, but I could not really enjoy it like I usually do. But I was very happy with my time and I’m sooo incredibly relieved that I didn’t lose the endurance I gained. And I ran my fastest mile yet. I hope running will boost my self-esteem again.

2.82miles @ 33’43”
Avg. Pace: 11:55 per mile. 4 years ago


I vacationed in Vegas the beginning of June. I came back and immediately dove into my friends wedding and all of its festivities. Then I got struck with a painful virus from which I was forbidden to exercise. I haven’t ran in almost an entire month. I feel so bad and know I have to start from scratch again. But I’m going to keep on going. Wish me luck! 4 years ago

Glamorous_WallflowerDay 6

It was a hard day. My legs felt 20lbs heavier and my lungs felt 20 times smaller. But I kept picturing being a cop and being happy with my body and suddenly I ran 4 miles! Running is definately becoming my favorite part of the day.

4.01mi @ 45’19”
Avg pace: 11’16” 4 years ago

Glamorous_WallflowerDay 5

Rain didn’t even deter me for a second…and I ran the farthest distance yet. But I have to admit, my legs felt like Jell-O most of the run.

3.01mi @ 35’48
Avg pace: 11:51 4 years ago

Glamorous_WallflowerDay 4

No energy at all today, but my will to keep going dragged my butt out of bed. Very nice weather today and lots of people. The trail was crowded and I had to weave in and out of baby stroller blockades and sopping wet dogs chasing the geese around. Didn’t do as well as yesterday but I know my muscles are just rebelling.

2.75mi @ 34’28”
Avg. Pace 12’32” 4 years ago

Glamorous_WallflowerDay 3

My body was working against me today, but again I came out victorious. If I hadn’t been in so much pain, I think I could have run a lot further. But I finished the loop and was very proud of myself. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

2.9 miles @ 34’36”
Average Pace: 11:38 4 years ago

Glamorous_WallflowerDay 2

It’s coming along. I had stomach cramps that started very early in my run. I thought about turning around a few times, but I pushed myself halfway around the lake so that turning back wouldn’t be an option. And I did finally remember to use my Nike Sensor that I wanted so badly last Christmas. I love it! Just push a button and it tells you your speed, distance, and average pace. Very motivating.

2.7 miles @ 36min
Average Pace: 13:28 4 years ago

Glamorous_WallflowerDay 1

I started this around winter but the weather was too bad. But I’m determined to keep this goal and accomplish it.

Day 1: Weather was gorgeous and the lake was a little crowded. I felt very winded from the get-go but I kept chugging along. I am starting to worry about my breathing however, I fear I might have asthma. I also completely forgot to time myself. My goal is 30minutes. Upon coming home, I was cursed with a gigantic headache and an ear ache and my knee was starting to throb. Needless to say, Day 1 was rough, but that makes me all the more determined to keep going.

http://www.planetware.com/i/photo/denver-col129.jpg 4 years ago

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