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Something a little strange about me—I’m obsessed with the Kennedy family. Mostly the older (and dead) generation, but JFK, RFK, and even Teddy are just endlessly fascinating to me. JFK I relate to as a person. I mean, I know he was completely fucked up and cheated on Jackie all the time, and people like to pretend he was a drug addict and such. And it’s not that I overlook or condone his flaws, and would never date someone like that, etc. But as someone, a president, I find him so relatable and human and interesting. That despite all the work he put into appearing one way, he was almost the opposite of everything people thought he was. Healthy. “Vigorous.” Happily married. Religious. Plus way back in the 20s and 30s he had a gay best friend and roommate, and that’s pretty cool of a young man in those times. RFK is a really tragic figure to me, and by all accounts was pretty depressed and somber. And completely devastated when his brother died. Like, utterly wrecked. But the man, the politician, that came out of that? RFK, to me, will always be the best president we never had. I really believe our country lost more than we can really comprehend on the day he died. Even more so than when Jack died. RFK was going to change things, help the minorities, the underrepresented, the poor, the disadvantaged. I think our country would be a fairer, better place had he lived. And Teddy, well he was an AMAZING senator. He probably accomplished more than his brothers combined, and it makes me sad, makes me scared, that he’s not still out there, forming our laws, protecting our country. 2 years ago

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