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bring POGS back!

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Laura BardsleyGood Times

I remember collecting POGS when I was young because my older brother did. POGS were even cooler to me because he liked them. I had a pretty decent collection because of him. No idea what ever happened to them. My siblings and I loved to sit down to trade POGS, which was more fun to us than actually playing the game. 3 years ago

lunadeoctubre1983Still collecting

I remember when pogs were the best thing ever… I never really had many when i was a kid. but now that i have my 5 year old boy…
I collect the plastic ones that come in the potatoe chip packages in mexico… I think i like them more than my son…
BRING POGS BACK!! 4 years ago

MillenniumTWorld Wide Craze!

For some reason I have written more entries for this goal than any other. Isn’t that saying something?

Any who, after searching far and wide for pogs, I have finally found some! And in all places I found them in Peru! While technically they aren’t called pogs, it’s pretty much the same thing. Instead they are plastic, and you buy stickers that you place on the fronts!

I was pretty impressed and cleared out the guy who was selling them on the side of the street.

They are coming back baby! 6 years ago

doncarlt86Its ok Im taking it back!

Totaly bring that shit back. Pogs were the shit back in my day. I cant even find a place to buy them anymore. 6 years ago

Rock that candy shophonestly

This just ain’t happenin’. I’m sorry. 6 years ago

MickeyMouse07079Bring Pogs back

I love Pogs. They have great pictures on them. Pogs are so simple. Anyone can play and collect them and you do not need a degree or formal education to do it. I think Pogs is great hobby for people of all ages. Bring back Pogs is a definite. It is something that will help get kids away from spending so much time playing video games and being on the computer by themselves. Pogs are very interactive. Kids of any age get together to play with Pogs and collect and trade them with their friends. 7 years ago

MillenniumTThe First Step

So I just performed a speech about POGS for my public speaking class. Everyone seemed really excited about it and I got some people interested in wanting to play again.

I think my next step is starting an official POG club at my school. With the first rule of POG club being…
You don’t talk about POG club. 8 years ago

MillenniumTThe first rule of Pog Club is don't talk about POG club.

If I can accomplish only one thing in my life, something that will change the lives of all that will come across it, to bring something beautiful, something extraordinary, something…old school. It is my mission, nah, my DESTINY to…
POGS a creation of the early 90’s consist of hitting a pile of cardboard circles with kewlio designs on them, such as a skate boarder with the words “RAD” or crossbones with the words “POISON” You then use your SLAMMER to try and flip over as many pogs face up.
POGS were so big that they even got banned from my school!
Currently I am forming a POG club with my friends. Back in H.S. I had secret POG games during Track practice. I also made a pog shirt that says POGS on the front and the phrase “Bringin Em Back” on the back.
So I encourage everyone to hold weekly POG tournaments and together we can, BRING POGS BACK! 8 years ago

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