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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

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Curt_23 18 months ago

lexerz22 18 months ago

joyjoeinot this flat

but I am close!

22 months ago

joyjoeiSide plank

I am back to doing side plank constantly again together with boat pose and bicycle crunch. 23 months ago

joyjoeiNot that flat

but I managed to tone it up! 23 months ago

joyjoeihope this helps..

23 months ago

joyjoeiLove this pic and yes, I am still working on it..

2 years ago

Venusian 2 years ago

joyjoeiAfter constant crunches, push ups,

side planks and boat pose, I think my tummy is getting more firm and does not bloat that often.. I think I find the comfort form of abs workout; bicycle crunch. 2 years ago

joyjoeiupdate my killer abs

I am still working on it daily. It looks round and curvy but toner than before.. love how it looks already! 2 years ago

joyjoeiI still work on this goal;

I run, do side plank and boat pose like a crazy lady.. Yes, I am still on it.. 2 years ago

joyjoeiI managed to

get my killer abs under control again and have reached my ideal weight, 48k. Sometimes, I weigh 47 or 49. It depends on how much I eat but I know how to handle it now. However, I still need to work on gaining some muscles on my abs.. 2 years ago

joyjoeiLook at her ab and her arms!

I want mine like that! 2 years ago

sweetnamIt's been

Well over a month since I started working out…and I’m to see some definition!! I’m super excited- not to mention motivated now! I’ve never been been at this point, I’ve always had a round belly. I wish I could post a picture but I’m too shy!

I know I could get results faster if I worked just as hard on my eating, like I do with my workouts. I need to discipline myself! 2 years ago

joyjoeiJust a few days

I have the pot belly back.. Today is our annual family gathering day and I’ve helped my mom prepare foods for the event. We’ve started in April 1, cooking and eating together. I have eaten way too much and haven’t gone out running for 2 days.. Tomorrow I am back to Hatyai, so I will get back to running and doing several sets of pushup, crunches, planks and boat pose again.. 2 years ago

joyjoeiAb from this morning

Actaully, I am happy with how it looks now but I still want some muscles.. The hardest part is how to stay flat.. 2 years ago

joyjoeiMy current killer abs

I was a bit out of control with eating during the past weekend and didn’t do any planks or boat pose. So, on Sunday afternoon upon getting back to my shop, I got back to eating more fruit and veggies and less meat. I went out running this morning and resume exercise for abs; side plank, boat pose and pushup.. (argh! I forgot the bicyle crunch again!) 2 years ago

sweetnamI've always wanted this..

it’s just that now joyjoei has inspired and motivated me to actually work on it!

Joyjoei if you are reading this, THANK YOU! ;D 2 years ago

sweetnam 2 years ago

joyjoeiI am still working on this goal,

running, doing planks & bicycle crunches after each run but it is not much different from the previous picture. However, I think I still can see some tiny change in it. It’s a bit smaller but I still need to work on muscles. I need to do more planks! Argh! 2 years ago

joyjoeiAb for today

I don’t see much difference if compared to the previous picture but I could tell and feel that it gets smaller and toner. I have lost a kilo effortlessly while I were sick but I felt weak at that time. Now, I am feeling well and can train harder.. 2 years ago

joyjoeiMy abs after New Year

As expected, I got rounder and bigger tummy after the new year trip but I love the way it is. Now, I am back to routine; running, cooking, eating at home and taking control of what I put in my mouth. I was back to running this morning and started doing planks, crunches and pushups again.. I didn’t feel like I’ve fallen off the track but it’s like after working hard, I could enjoy life more.. 2 years ago

joyjoeiMy abs before New Year

I know when I get back from Singapore, I am going to start it over again. Not totally all over but I will gain a bit of weight and my tummy will be a bit bigger and rounder but I know the trip will be worth it; drinking and eating with my best friend.. So, this is my best abs for 2011.. 2 years ago

joyjoei6 weeks

There is some progress, little by little.. I am still working on it.. 3 years ago

joyjoeiThe roadtrip & the long weekend

didn’t disturb this goal. I still ate right (lots of veggies & fruits & water). I exercised frenetically and had lots of sleeps. I’ve noticed after getting back home that I am a bit slimmer and my tummy is smaller. Kudos to swimming, running, biking and chasing after my niece & nephew. I was more confident wearing binikis & shorts and hanging out by the pools. 3 years ago

joyjoeiOne month

after posting this goal..

Last weekend, I fell off track. I ate fried & sugary foods way too much and lots of alcohols. I didn’t post the photos right after I was back from the holiday bc it looked like a pot, seriously. Now, I am back to running, crunches and planks and eating right. So, it looks quite the same as the previous 2 weeks.. I am leaving for a long weekend again tomorrow and hope that I won’t stray again. This time, it’s easier bc I go with my sister and she is a health-concious person and doesn’t drink. And we have packed our running shoes, bikinis and swimming goggles, so I won’t worry much about gaining weight.. 3 years ago

joyjoeiI will remember this..

.. 3 years ago

joyjoei3 weeks

after starting this goal..

I still stick to eating more veggies and fruits and don’t binge much. Cut down on sugary and fried foods. Drink lots of water and green tea. Exercise 5-6 days a week..

I think the size is still the same as the previous picture I posted 2 weeks ago but it looks more firm. 3 years ago

joyjoeiMy sister knows

I love brownie so she stocked up a few of them for me when I got home on the weekend. And I ate one of them (and some other things). On Sunday afternoon, giving in to my temptation, I let myself slip and called it my cheat day and there was no running too bc it was raining cats and dogs. It’s Monday now. I am back to my shop and I am pulling myself back on track again.. 3 years ago

joyjoeiDuring the weekend,

I still worked on it, managed to stay on track. I was home alone so there was not many temptations to eat fried foods or high carb foods. As it didn’t rain in the afternoon, both Saturday and Sunday, I went out running (50 mins on Saturday and 1 hour on Sunday). Got back home to jump rope, do weight training, side planks, pose planks, crunches, pushups and a little bit of yoga. 3 years ago

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