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Lose 23 lbs.

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I went down the the magic number today. And that was after a weekend traveling in DC! 22 months ago

Sherlock 2 years ago

SherlockJust a smidge

away from reaching this goal now. I doubt no one has had to work this hard to lose weight! I’m well under 1200 calories most of the time right now, partly because I’ve been having morning nausea. I’d think I was pregnant, except that it would be an Immaculate Conception! Short of that, I’m guessing it’s one of my meds. 23 months ago

SherlockAhhhh, how satisfying

I’m now in that completely new set of numbers again, which is so great. I don’t know that I’ll stay here, but the trend is clearly in this direction.

I’m finding that I’m so motivated that it’s easy to skip lunch or dinner and eat something healthy instead, like fat-free Greek yogurt and fruit. But that’s not very healthy, and I need to stop it. Eating 600 calories won’t exactly help my health at all! 23 months ago

SherlockIt's time

I tried on clothes tonight, and the bottoms of everything are just too big for me. I need to give up, have them altered, and then see if I need new sizes if I continue to lose weight.

But I’ve bought enough to deserve having my clothes look decent on me. 23 months ago

SherlockOf course, my weight

bounces around, but it’s bouncing back down the the number that so excited me a few entried below.

I looked back over my records during lunch today. I’ve been tracking my food intake since 2006, with a caloric goal of 1200-1400 calories, which should produce 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week.

BUT, until my hypothyroid problem was addressed, there was absolutely no positive change at all—in fact, I finally had it checked when I GAINED 3 pounds in one week on 1200 calories or less. I knew something had to be wrong.

Sooooo, if you are struggling to lose weight, and it’s not happening, please get your thyroid checked. I had had it checked before, and it was normal. Just because it was normal one year doesn’t mean it’s normal the next.

(By the way, the other symptoms of hypothyroidism have improved…even my hair has thickened back up, to my relief. So there’s some motivation for checking your thyroid… you can make yourself feel better with one small pill!) 23 months ago

SherlockI keep trying to make an entry

here and the page disappears in front of my eyes! what’s going on? 1 year ago


I’m in a completely different set of numbers now! How did I do that? I haven’t been at this weight in more than 5 years.

Now, if I lose 9.5 more lbs, I will be in the non-obese range. That is definitely worth doing! My self-respect would go through the roof!

As is, I’m having trouble with all my clothes being too big for me, but this is new, and I have a history of my weight moving steadily up, so I’m afraid to have them altered yet. I want to maintain the weight loss for 6 months, and I want to lose that additional 9.5 lbs, and then I’ll celebrate.

What’s going right? I cut out chips at night. Seriously, that was it. I crave salty food, but I substituted salted popcorn, and the weight have been coming off on its own.

That, and I’ve been alternating my dose of thyroid meds, from 75 to 150 on alternate days. My theory is that my metabolism can’t settle down, because my thyroid level is always changing. I think that might be helping my body stay in fat burning mode. God knows, I’m not exercising, so it’s not that. But it may be a great way to lose that additional 9.5 lbs.

If I do it, will y’all have a party with me? We can have balloons and popcorn and little jellybeans (my favorite treat without guilt right now). Portion control, it’s all about portion control…. 2 years ago

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