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list 50 things i need in my apartment

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dandelion seedThings I Need: #7 through #10

7.Cleaning supplies I’m workin’ on it!
I’ve got the products I need to scrub… but what I don’t have are the things I need to sweep and mop. My mother wants to get me a Swiffer Wet Jet. I’ll take it, but I need it soon since I move in this week.

8.Lightbulbs and a stepladder
I Need Lightbulbs. But I also need a stepladder because tall as I am I still can’t reach the ceiling without help and I would rather not have to stand on a chair.

9.Bookshelves (and other furniture) I’m workin’ on it!
I’m a graduate student, which means my home should be part library, part office, part sleeping space. I need three bookshelves. I can fill two of them now, but with more shelf space I will be able to buy other books and thus be well on my way to having my own private library full of books to stroke and stare at lovingly. Other furniture would be nice too.

10.A window gateGot it! Check!
I really love the view out my livingroom windows. What I love less? The fact that someone can just waltz in off the fire escape. I want one of those sliding window gates so that I can open it and hide most of it behind the curtains during the day but still be protected by sliding that thing closed when I need to. 4 years ago

dandelion seedThings I need: #2-#6

Rather than write 49 more entries for this goal, I’m going to add them in groups to avoid spamming my entries list with short little things. Starting from #2:

2.A good set of pots and pansGot ‘em! Check!
I was looking for a nice 10-piece set and was leaning toward nonstick. My mother surprised me yesterday, however, with a housewarming gift: a $200 set of All-Clad stainless steel pots and pans. I’m excited, because even though it’s the lower end Emeril set, All-Clad is a really nice brand. And they’re stainless steel! Here’s hoping I learn how to cook rather than mess the pans all up.

3.A mini tool kitGot it! Check!
At the very least, I need a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a wrench, and a tape measure. If something breaks, I really need to be able to fix it or at least mend it in a way that I can continue on until I call the super. I’ve got a little kit, compliments of my step father, that I am keeping in the shelf of my hall closet. Even if I don’t end up using the things in there, just having them there makes me feel more self-sufficient.

4.First-Aid materials I’m workin’ on it!
I hurt myself a lot, so I need to have these things on hand rather than needing to stumble to the pharmacy. Right now I have pain killers, tweezers, band-aids, and Neosporin. I need more items from the following link: http://www.survival-center.com/firstaid/kit.htm plus a new ankle brace.

5.Organizers I’m workin’ on it!
I am a messy (but not dirty) person. It is hard for me to avoid clutter. I think it would be easier, though, if I had a specific place for everything. The apartment has lots of closet space, so that is a perfect opportunity to have things organized and out of sight. I started on this yesterday by buying a shoe organizer—not the kind you hang on your closet door but the kind that goes on your floor. I’ll continue this with containers, both for foodstuffs but also for items.

6.An emergency box
I can think of a few kinds of emergencies that I need to be prepared for. At the very least, I should have a flashlight in there, some water, and some dry foodstuff. But I also need to have some money-perhaps $200 and a roll of quarters-and a metrocard with $10 on it. I’ll put a list of important numbers and addresses in there also. My thinking is that with that box, I’ll be able to see in the dark, won’t starve or die of thirst right away, and can get out of the neighborhood on foot, by public transportation, or by taxi…. with some money in my pocket if I need it. 4 years ago

dandelion seed1. Houseplants.

I am putting this under a “need” because NASA suggests you need 1 house plant per 10 square yards in order to help with the air quality in your home. I’ll need six or seven plants to reap the maximum benefits of this idea.

This’ll be easy in the livingroom, but I’ve never had plants in my bedroom before, and that room is small as it is. I’ll have to put at least one in there somewhere I think. 4 years ago

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