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fill in the gaps in the theory of evolution so we can dismiss once and for all Intelligent Design


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daphnethegoldfishChimps using weapons

Saw an article a day or so ago about chimps using weapons – tree branches with chewed off edges creating a sharp point and being used to kill prey.

Just like a spear…

Chuck D: 1
ID: Null 7 years ago


There have been so many articles in the press lately about new fossil findings that I have lost track. 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishFrom the AP today

Paleontoligists X-Ray Fossil Embryos

“Paleontologists have created detailed three-dimensional images of evolution’s first multicellular creatures in their embryonic stages, some so detailed that they reveal more about the development of long-extinct creatures than scientists know about their modern counterparts.
A team of Chinese, Swedish, Swiss and British scientists repeatedly scanned tiny balls of fossilized cells with powerful X-rays and then used a computer to assemble the views into microscopic CT scans.
Some of the embryos exhibit hitherto unknown mechanisms of embryonic development that have since gone extinct. Others have combinations of traits that put them near the lowest branches of the animal kingdom’s evolutionary tree.”

Read the rest at: 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishTwo Ancient Reptiles Found

“It’s a missing link between older forms (species) of the Jurassic period found in England about 170 million years ago and the much younger ones found in Antarctica and Patagonia which are about 65 million years old” one Paleontologist said.

i.e. the Missing Link for reptiles. :)

Here is the article: 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishFrom the AP today

A story about how scientists are going to start mapping the Neanderthal genome: 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishAwesome new info from the AP today

From an AP article I read online by Matt Crenson entitled DNA Study Maps Human-Chimp Split>

“The researchers, from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, propose that humans and chimpanzees first split up about 10 million years ago. Then, after evolving in different directions for about 4 million years, they got back together for a brief fling that produced a third, hybrid population with characteristics of both lines.”

Here is the link to the rest of the article:

Humans could be hybrids! Well, I’ll be an X-File…

Evolution rocks. 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishFrom the AP...

Well it is too long to post but today there was an article out by the AP that a new human-like fossil was found in Africa that further supports the Theory of Evolution. You can read it here: 8 years ago

JeffPretty much done :)

The deliberate ignorance won’t go away no matter how much evidence there. It’s just a question of making sure people realize the difference between science and fantasy. 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishIn the February 10th issue of "The Week"

In the Health & Science section on page 9:

Our Ears Once Breathed

By examining fossils from a prehistoric fish, two Swedish scientists have concluded that our ears evolved from an organ once used for breathing. The fish, Panderichthys, was a precursor to the first tetrapod, the animal that crawled onto land and eventually spawned all four-legged vertabrates, including humans. A bottom dweller, Panderichthys had a spiracle, a tube for breathing water from the top of it’s head while its face was buried in mud. From the spiracle’s anatomy and its position in the head relative to the fish’s unusually short jawbone – a known ancestor of the modern ear’s stirrup bone – scientist deduced that it was a precursor to a fully developed middle ear. “It is a great fill-in-the-gap story that shows a nice transition stage at an important part in evolution,” zoology curator Mark Westneat tells The Washington Post. The finding, he says, is a repudiation to the claim by advocates of intelligent design that the ear is so complicated that it could only have been created by the hand of God. “In my opinion,” Westneat says, “this is another nail in the coffin of the creationist view.” 8 years ago

daphnethegoldfishI went to the exhibit.

It was awesome. If you live in or near NYC I highly reccommend it. And since my friend and I went on opening day of the exhibit we also got to go to a lecture that had the great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin as a guest speaker. Also in attendance in the audience but not as a speaker was another great-great-grandson of Darwin. Totally cool. I was less impressed with the Dinosaur temporary exhibit that is up now. The permanent exhibit is still amazing but I didn’t see the point of the temporary one. 9 years ago


There is a Darwin Exhibit that opens tomorrow at the Natural History Museum. I am so there. I also haven’t seen the new dinosaur exhibit which closes in January. 9 years ago

daphnethegoldfishDon't get me started...

Don’t get me started on Intelligent Design. I wish there were two of me. One that could go into the arts and produce theatre and film, and could write and sing, and another who could go into various branches of science to discover how the world works and help to make it a better place. One of those branches would definitely be evolutionary science. There really is no step one for this. I just hope someone else takes it for me… 9 years ago

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