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| I seem to be endlessly stuck at the moment. As I recover from the heat-recoil my body likes to put me through in summer, I feel I can start moving and focusing a little better. However, the weekly overly-hot days (or rather the warm nights) still knock me out, and set me back at square one with many of my time-based goals. Today, however, I managed to get through more than 5 things. A step towards becoming unstuck perhaps… 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcf 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 30

-pushups test
-requirements for world paper
-clean ottoman
-clean floor around box
-find a source for Kick episodes 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 29

-clean Izzy’s cage
-decide which book to read for world
-finish book for world
-update homework list
-type writing on phone 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 28

-write note for Sam
-pay dad for de blob 2
-put away kohls stuff
-unpack from grand junction
-change contacts 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 27

-vaccum house
-clean room
-packing stuff
-clean shower 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 26

-go through list for sam
-get dinner in oven
-stir strawberries for dessert
-write card for dad
-add two things to any list 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 25

-find a place for jewelry box
-list 2 more things for happy list
-clean bookshelves
-put 2 lists onto computer
-spend my bath and body works gift card 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 24

-read/log “Notes of a native son”
-read/log “the truth about grit”
-change calendar
-put away clothes
-return change to dad
-clean ears x3 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 23

-look up how to get more flexible
-read/log “in defense of prejudice”
-look up frasier transitions
-list 2 more things for know list
-read/log “my airline” 3 years ago

Fernwehnot much happening on this front

I got a couple of freelance proofreading jobs from a company I interned for a while ago.

I don’t really have time for paid work at the moment with the current academic work overload. But the company pays really well, and I like being their go-to girl for proofreading.

At the moment life is generally all study, work, eat with SO, spend a bit of time together, sleep, rinse, repeat…

Eventually I’ll get back to this goal, and posting more generally. 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 22

-read 1 section of 4 hour body
-read/log “kill em crush em”
-clean ears x3
-list 2 more quotes
-roller blading at clement 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 21

-look up Fuck documentary
-go through favorites on youtube
-list 2 more things on facts
-finish reading ducks fic 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 20

-look up types of boxing
-back up all documents
-put clothes away
-make list for ty notes
-request different book for history 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 19

-respond to tristan’s message
-count up words on penzu
-take dishes downstairs
-grab rx from downstairs
-make sure every goal has an entry 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 18

-read chapter 2 of ASR
-watch Chamber of Secrets
-help with camp tuesday
-help with camp thursday
-pay mom for harry potter 7 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 17

-read chapter 1 of All Souls Rising
-put away clothes
-get more q-tips
-clean ears x3
-shower 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 16

-clean Izzy’s cage
-copy recipes I know
-watch Sorcerer’s Stone
-go through “watch later” on youtube
-email Sam
-go through “liked” on youtube 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 15

-read chapter 12 of Harry Potter
-get All Souls Rising from Rachel
-read/log “On being a cripple”
-walk otis
-clean ears x3
-write points for all Fred/George ideas 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 14

-read chapter 10 of Harry Potter
-read chapter 11 of Harry Potter
-shower/surfer cream
-mark ears for peircings
-get third set of peircings
-finish open Fred/George fics
-put earings in bottom holes 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 13

-read chapter 9 of harry potter
-look up song on youtube
-report dress recieved
-work on feet
-request winkie from library 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 12

-get rid of roller blades box
-add 1 thing to both lists
-take all dishes downstairs
-add Coraline to goodwill box 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 11

-read chapter 8 of Harry Potter
-fix bookshelves
-read and log “on dumpster diving”
-clean shelf in closet
-put away clothes 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 10

-write carrie’s confirmation card
-shower/surfer cream
-pooh and harry potter
-write my penzu
-get rid of letter 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 9

-try on knee pads
-roller blading
-squirrel evicting
surfer cream on blister
-take dishes downstairs
-put cupcakes in fridge
-charge phone for sunday 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 8

-make buckeyes for Sandy
-make scary (high hat) cupcakes
-check library books
-update homework 43 things account
-finish spray painting
-shower/nails 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 7

-1st chapter of norton
-2nd chapter of norton
-get legal pads from loft
-finish cirque fic
-shut down computer
-shower/surfer cream 3 years ago

Fernwehday 7

  • dentist appointment
  • made dental appointment for SO
  • reconnoitred PYO strawberry place
  • picked up special delivery post that I’d missed from the post depot
  • got in touch with MW to let her know we’d moved 3 years ago

midgetandahalfcfDay 6

-clean out purse
-ask mom to get notebooks
-unload dishwasher
-all dishes downstairs
-put away clothes 3 years ago

Fernwehday 6

4 loads of washing inc. 2 hard to treat stains (one successful the other not so much). Each load counts as one item on the list.

Folded and put away another load.

Passed on message from my dad to my brother. 3 years ago

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