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Excel in my job as an artist.

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ach1228greater exposure

Well, my July show was not financially too great but the commentary from patrons, both knowledgeable and naive, was wonderful. I know from the comments I received that I am on the right track. I would have to do this work anyway because it is in me to do but the comments help validate my inner experience. Thank you one and all. 3 years ago


I am using my artwork to live my goals. I believe that in using all reclaimed items and arranging them into a format that can bring something positive into people’s lives that I can employ all of my goals. 4 years ago


I am loving the work I am doing now. I feel like my ideas are accelerating faster than I can make them. I am blowing through phases of this work so fast. My pieces for next year are going to be extraordinary and I am so excited to be making them. 4 years ago

ach1228how silly of me

I realized after talking with friends and mentors about my artwork that ART is my job. So having a goal to sell more art and another goal to get a new job are in conflict and I need to clear this up. So getting a new job needs to be changed to excel in my job as an artist. This makes me wonder what other conflicts I have created for myself out there. 4 years ago

ach1228really discourage

I have applied for countless jobs, none of which I really want but which I can do and would like to opportunity to do. I have not had one interview and had a couple of rejection letters. Mostly I hear nothing. It isn’t like there is a lot to choose from here where I live and i know that each employer is probably inundated with applicants. But I think that I am truly experiencing age discrimination. I know of about 10 other women my age who are experiencing the same response. I am energetic, reasonably attractive, slender, smart, and do well at everything I set my mind to. I have lots of experience in sales and art and education and real estate. I am educated and continue to educate myself in areas that interest me. I am stable. And I enormously frustrated with being unemployed. Enormously frustrated.

okay – now I will stop whining. 4 years ago


Yesterday was not a good day. I had a lousy day at the job I do have which ends at the end of the month. I did not rate an interview for a job I would have been great at (one of the few available here). I have a rental I need to sell and the rents did not come in this month. On the up side, I have two shows lined up to sell my art work. I am trying to remain optimistic but art is a hard sell in this economy. 5 years ago

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