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leave the country

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jordeelane 3 months ago

DeterminedDave 7 months ago

Reed1 7 months ago

blueisacolour 10 months ago

EmotionalContagionI'm pathetically un-worldly.

I’ve lived all over the US, but have never had the pleasure of leaving the country, not even to Canada, not even for a day. Not that the US isn’t just lovely, but a girl needs to get out and see the world! I just want to go.

I want to go out and see the world, experience different cultures, meet new people, and live in ways I could never imagine with my current provincial knowledge. 11 months ago

EmotionalContagion 11 months ago

Kgirly19 12 months ago

aleaht 12 months ago

kaaaaylee 5 years ago

jamesconners 3 years ago

MandaLee81 17 months ago

LemonadeCloud 19 months ago


I went to spain and it was one of my favorite experiences ever. living there soon. 22 months ago

AlongfortheRide688 4 years ago

Kateelee 2 years ago

iusedtotoo 2 years ago

Beeb RussoUntitled

Though this may not be the biggest aspiration in the world I did finally achieve this about a month ago on a boat delivery I made to Montreal. In would’ve liked to have spent much more time in Canada as I only got about 4 hours so for all intents and purposes. I’m going to keep this on the to do list for now because there is much more I’ve yet to experience. I would also like to go with someone who has been around the block so to speak because that will undoubtedly enhance my experience wherever I decide to go. Like most of these goals I will need to save up about $600 to spend a few days in Montreal but that is absolutely within reach for next summer or fall. 2 years ago

livefreeforever 2 years ago

laurenikon 2 years ago

DeShawn Williams 2 years ago

CathyGI Need A Holiday

By the end of 2013 I want to get away, to see a little bit more of the world and have a holiday. It’s been way tooo long! 2 years ago

vanessafas 2 years ago

nonasky111 2 years ago

TheBijoux 2 years ago

lostbedtimememories 2 years ago

kammun1st 2 years ago

Brandi Murphy 2 years ago

ThatGirlOnTheStreet 2 years ago

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