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blackjack1985 5 years ago

Daniel Shaw 1 month ago

GreenNimrodStill single

2,5+ years and I’m still single! Wow I must be quite an oddball since I guess most people at my age (23) has been in at least one serious relationship. But then again I suppose it’s a matter of how you define a serious relationship. Anyways I’ve been really busy with my own life throughout this time and there hasn’t really been anyone interested in me or that I’ve been interested in so yep. I don’t mind really, I still don’t feel any urge to be in one just for the sake of it.

But of course there are days when I think it would be really nice to have someone to come home to or to snuggle with late at night. I’m mainly a personality person – can’t stand being around people I don’t like just cause they are pretty. So generally speaking I don’t have many ideals when it comes to looks. I like smart and creative girls that I can get along with and also it’s important they are honest, mature and so on.

However lately I found myself really attracted to irish girls. I always had a thing for that country in general and visited it on several ocassions. I just love the irish accent! It’s so cute and sexy at the same time. And redheads… don’t get me started on that. A lovely irish girl with that amazing accent and long red flowing hair… even a guy like me would be weak to my knees. It’s a shame I can’t move there or go there right now for that matter. Ahwell who knows perhaps I will end up with the complete opposite and find her to be the “girl of my dreams” – there’s no telling and that’s what so exciting about love! 1 month ago

petervonhier 1 month ago

MrMarshmellow15 2 months ago

VWolfe 2 months ago

swaggerboicharles 2 months ago

J B 9 years ago

user1390262700 3 months ago

jack1451 3 months ago

harleydaniel 3 months ago

Guerer 3 months ago

Dokee 4 months ago

zeroh729 4 months ago

idkbrblolwrong goal?

It’s just seeming to be a little askew. Maybe it’s the word “girlfriend” that been bantied-about in my head for so long; or just a reconceptualization that’s taking form… maybe I just need to start a relationship and forget all that hyper Hollywood hype. (Yeah, that’s probably half of the problem – again – Hollywood’s stereotypes & pigeon-holing.)
. 4 months ago

lowderj 6 months ago

Thomas Anderson 7 months ago

coleemckenzie001 7 months ago

coleemckenzie001Looking for the right one

Im 13 and im looking for the perfect girlfriend. if your interested email me or text me at: cminc13@gmail.com/3095251454…..By the way my name is Cole Mckenzie, and i live in Moline, IL 7 months ago

Reed1 7 months ago

dichlieb 7 months ago

idkbrblolemergent thoughts?

Had an interesting thought/feeling recently – maybe a synergy among the reiterations of the James Crumley quote: “Consideration touches more deeply and longer than passion” and the ever-pointed quote about “not thinking about women in terms of what’s between their legs,” (or something like that).

Again, it was an interesting thought/feeling that emerged – not sure where-from.

Edit: I’d forgot to mention the “+0.02” on ye olde Morale-☺-Meter (And that was even before noticing that this entry was entered at 22:22(PM))
. 7 months ago

DMacV 8 months ago

David_Gasper 8 months ago


Finding the type of women that are attracted to me and the ones that I am attracted towards.

So far mainly women with graduate degrees have been interested in me.

Next finding my social value and dating demographics. 8 months ago

Steve 8 months ago

Kittee Lee 8 months ago

hichamfayyad 9 months ago

Danny Lara 9 months ago

Dannyderp 9 months ago

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