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Fill every journal/sketch book I own

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JadedForeverMaking Room -

for new goals!

Time to move on, also I have 3 goals related to writing!

I need to find time & inspiration to write poetry!
But there is no rush!

-JadedForever 3 years ago

snakegrl1306unused, empty, lonely books

throughout my elementary school years, we were required to buy a new black-and-white journal for that year. i have several blank ones lying around, some half-filled with notes and half-remembered things i did that i now want to fill. that blank space-makes me want to fill it, or else i’ll forget it; and all the things that went before it. i’ve started doing this already, by going through them and marking notes, and making a new entry—with the date in the top right hand corner, as all the others have. 4 years ago

Little_Indian13Blank pages

I own a bunch of great sketch books, each one with a purpose that never gets fullfilled because I keep waiting for these lighting of inspiration, or hoping to become better at drawing or writting and guess what? I never do because all my notebooks are blank waiting for a miracle, but not anymore the only way to get better is to use them and practice on them. 4 years ago


I keep getting journals for gifts, and sketchbooks too. I got two sketchbooks and one journal this Christmas alone! I have to say that I need to fill them. I have filled one of my sketchbooks after a few years, but that only leaves about…3 more, and 3-4 journals. I need to fill them! 5 years ago

girl_onamissionComing along!

I’ve been getting back in the habit of writing pretty regularly. It’s nice to get things out of my head and on paper… easy to sort out what’s going on. This goal is on it’s way to becoming completed. 5 years ago

girl_onamissionI need to write more.

I doubt it’s healthy to have these thoughts/emotions bottled up inside of me… time to MAKE time to write, every day, in my journal. And it’s not going to be anything about calories, weight, or obsessions about food or agonies about my body. Just happy thoughts, hell, I’ll even allow depressed thoughts. But no ed thoughts. SO THERE ED. 5 years ago

girl_onamissionMission #1.

I am to write down every negative thought that flits through my mind about my body, and what I am going to eat/ am eating/ have eaten, for the week. I will easily be able to fill up a notebook, and this saddens me, a little. I have faith though that it will help in the long run, somehow. 5 years ago

SgianDubhI can but try...

This is a great idea… i too have a gadzillion sketch books lying around in my room, all started on but then inexplicably left. I can work a book for years… on and off. I’d really like to be more on than off, i guess. Doesn’t help that i’m a bookmaker, so filling every sketch pad i have wouldn’t really be practical. Make more artists books perhaps? 6 years ago

JadedForeverStop buying & start writing-

I either need to stop buying so many journals or I need to write up a storm. 6 years ago

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