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A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Tylorstevens 12 months ago

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khienjhak 2 years ago


I really couldn’t find a site that can help you read A series of unfortunate events! 2 years ago

cutiekitty0000 2 years ago

Martha Tomas 2 years ago

CageLoves 3 years ago

CageLovesThe End - #13

I like the symbolism of good and evil in reference to the python and the apple in an ironic way. I also like how Lemony S. was faithful in including Beatrice till the end.

My fave “anybody-can-relate-to-this” parts:

“It is one of the strange truths of life that practically nobody likes to be stared at and that practically nobody can stop themselves from staring.”

“If you live among people… then every moment of your life is an incident of peer pressure, and you cannot avoid it… And if you try to avoid every instance of peer pressure you will end up without any peers whatsoever…” 2 years ago

CageLovesThe Penultimate Peril - #12

I stop reading in the middle of chapter three. I guess I got tired of getting to resolution part of the story. After a week of just looking at the book on my desk staring back at me, I went back to reading it. As soon as I got to chapter four, I couldn’t put it down. I could kick myself for not continuing on when I was on chapter three. Anyway, to me this book is about moral corruption. Can good, decent people be corrupted morally?

My favorite “anybody-can-relate-to-this” part:
When someone has disappointed you, it is often difficult to decide whether to continue their acquaintance, even if the disappointers have done noble things in the meantime. (Chapter Eight)

(I love the mirror-written chapters since I do mirror-writing, too.) 2 years ago

CageLovesThe Grim Grotto - #11

The water cycle was explained 4 times. OMG! If I ever forget these phenomenon of the water cycle, I’ll hit myself in the head with this book. 2 years ago

Brianna Brooks 2 years ago

CageLovesThe Slippery Slope - #10

My favorite “anybody-can-relate-to-this” part:

Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant, filled with odd waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like. (Chapter One) 2 years ago

Kelsea Meadows 2 years ago

CageLovesThe Carnivorous Carnival - #9

My favorite “anybody-can-relate-to-this” part:

Grief, a type of sadness that most often occurs when you have lost someone you love, is a sneaky thing, because it can disappear for a long time, and then pop back up when you least expect it. (Chapter Five)

The curious thing about being told to sleep on it is that you usually can’t. (Chapter Nine) 2 years ago

CageLovesThe Hostile Hospital - #8

The Hostile Hospital – #8 2 years ago

Crystal Hikk 2 years ago

Arielle Benson 2 years ago

CageLovesThe Vile Village - #7

Mr. Poe… Nevermore Tree… crows… => The Raven

I think it’s clever since The Raven talks about a man mourning over the loss of his lover in which Lemony Snicket is always talking about his loss…Beatrice. 2 years ago

K. 2 years ago

crashleyash 2 years ago

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