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I want to be able to express myself… freely. In all areas. I admit, I’m a bit emotional. Sensitive to a lot. Not only that, but I’m a introvert – a TRUE Scorpio, lol. Anyway, I want to sort of shack those shackles off and be able to express myself—FREELY. Logically, emotionally. I want to be able to say how I feel, not bite my tongue in situations, shake the shell off of my back.

*I plan on doing this by journaling.
*Being more open with friends and family about how I feel.
*read/get pointers from newconversations.net/sevenchallenges.pdf 1 month ago

AntonioDrake 1 month ago

littlerusalkaPoetry Time!


I see a carefree girl, swinging on the garden gate -
pigtailed, red dungarees, little hands and feet
And a ripe, clean fresh face.

She looks back smiling, and sees her mother standing there
Capturing the moment with her camera, a memory she will preserve with care

Until twenty five years later, when it’s fished from a quiet safe place
To help that little girl remember the mother’s love that saw the beauty of her smiling child’s face. 2 months ago

littlerusalkaExpressing thoughts on something I've read / watched / listened to

I went to see a film called Nebraska this evening and I really enjoyed it. It’s plot was very simple – an old man somewhere in middle America thinks that he has won one million dollars and wants to go to Lincoln to pick up his cheque. His family know that his win is a hoax by an advertising company and do everything they can to convince him but he won’t listen and makes every effort to make the long journey there by foot, despite the absurdity of doing so in his current physical and mental state.

The old man’s son agrees to drive him to Lincoln, but there is an incident on the way there and they end up driving into the town where the old man grew up, meeting old family and friends whose stories give us much more information about the old man and the life that he has led.

What I loved about the film was the humanity of all of its characters. They are all flawed in various ways and the film cleverly shows contradictory facets of their natures as they encounter different people and scenarios. The old man’s wife doesn’t seem to have a good word to say to him and is almost bullyish in her behaviour towards him, but when he is laying on a hospital bed, she gives him a tender kiss on his cheek before reverting to calling him an idiot. I love that nobody is perfect in this film, that the cast look like average people and that the settings are almost mundane because it helps to highlight the beauty in their actions instead of distracting from them as is often the case with so many modern films. 4 months ago

littlerusalkaExpressing myself to myself!

I’m spending a lot of time listening to my body and my feelings these days so that I can reconnect with myself in a world full of distractions.

Each morning on the commute to work, I close my eyes and ask myself how I am today, imagining where I feel that feeling in my body and focusing on it. Then I dig out my notebook and express my feelings, normally with little ink sketches. Doing this helps me to be aware of my feelings and from there I can proceed to do what I need to do look after myself in that moment and for the day ahead.

Expressing myself has been a good way of looking after me:) 5 months ago

Frances 9 months ago

Sharon Shin 20 months ago

oltros2 16 months ago

Hiroki Otsuka 21 months ago

Miss Villainess 22 months ago

sitruunapuu 22 months ago


renewalsh 3 years ago

renewalshFed up

with the current situation. 22 months ago

renewalshNot pleased

with the closedness of someone.

I cannot stand it, in fact. 22 months ago


Bored bored.

Tired of this.

VERY tired. 22 months ago

renewalshMightily frustrated with the people running this project

as we have ahd NOP feedback on the last materials.

No response to emails, SMSs, nothing.

Yet the deadline is immovable. 22 months ago

renewalshDo want to go to the home exhibition

this weekend at some point.

The trouble is, with whom? Or by myself? 23 months ago

renewalshAt the moment

I feel like a shiny black slug. I hope that no hadedas are around to scoff me! 23 months ago

renewalshPerhaps I could be a cat

Aloof and withdrawn, woth sharp claws ready to protect at any sign of danger. 23 months ago

renewalshPerhaps I could be a caterpillar

about to crawl into its covering and become a pupa.

What will emerge eventually? 23 months ago

renewalshStill feeling CROSS

and BORED and TIRED and GRUMPY and ALONE. 23 months ago

Kirsten de Jager 23 months ago

renewalshI am very very tired

and feel unimpressed by having to do the next bit of work.

Tired, very tired, of skirting around, tip toeing, treading delicately.

It has worn me out. 23 months ago

renewalshDistance is established

And ….. I am okay with it.

Sad, but okay.

(And a bit cross….) 23 months ago

renewalshTen minutes

before I can expect the carroty comments. 23 months ago

renewalshToday I feel like an echidna

ready to use my snout to scoop up stinging ants. 23 months ago

renewalshAnother way of protecting myself is to turn into a hibernating bear

All warm and cosy, safe from the world. 23 months ago

renewalshA black eagle sounds good

powerful, strategic view, soaring high and then swooping down relentlessly. 23 months ago

renewalshMaybe I would prefer being a leopard

small, elegant looking, powerfully strong, purposeful, solitary, with deadly strength. 23 months ago

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