clean up my house and bedroom and keep them clean so they are a healthier and more cheerful environment to live in


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Recent activity

S.E.Stuff to do tomorrow

Clean stove

Vacuum bedroom


Clean out fridge



Clean car (return bottles, return plastic bags, remove trash, vacuum)

Vacuum kitchen, dining room, and hallway 4 years ago


Cleaned the bathroom 4 years ago


Cleaned the living room 4 years ago


Cleaned dining room

Had kitchen, living room, and hallway vacuumed 4 years ago


Cleaned the living room

Washed the Shop-vac filter 4 years ago

S.E.Accomplishments Today

Cleaned bathroom for an hour

Washed the vacuum filters

: ) 4 years ago


Clean the hallway for an hour:


Start cleaning off shelf above washer and dryer 4 years ago

S.E.Goal today:

Living room for 1 hour:




Not included in the hour:

Vacuuming 4 years ago

S.E.Goal today:

Kitchen for 1 hour

Done. 1.5 hours. 4 years ago


Clean hallway for 1 hour, including:

Shake, wash, and hang curtains

Dust and wipe down walls

Dust and polish paintings

Vacuum floor

I’ve been getting my sister into this, so I get much more done. 4 years ago

S.E.Today's goals

Clean the bathroom: 1 hour

Done. It was actually 2 hours. 4 years ago

S.E.Cleaning today


The kitchen, for an hour

Done! 4 years ago

S.E.June 3

Cleaned two different cupboards and one shelf area with my sister. Over the weekend I shook out and washed the curtains in the dining room, as well as removed the cobwebs and dusted the curtain rods. Oh – and I cleaned off and organized the stuff on top of the microwave and cleaned out the bottom of one of the kitchen cupboards.

I finally have everything planned out in a two-week time frame. : ) 4 years ago


Things aren’t going quite as planned, but I did clean the corner by the front door so I can put my worm compost bin there. The closet in the corner still needs to be cleaned out, though.

I’ll do more cleaning this weekend. I can probably get the whole house clean by the 22nd even though I’m starting a week late. 4 years ago


Massive spring cleaning planned for May 8 – 22.

This is going to be fun. : ) 5 years ago

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