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Make a list of 43 PLACES I know very little about, & then learn at least 3 things about each of them


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salaleigh#1 - Brussel

I suppose I know more about Brussel now than I did when I started writing this list, simply because of visiting there a few times. But yeah, I chose Brussel because it is the capital of Belgium – and for some things the capital of Europe – so it’s good to know about.

- It is the de facto head of the EU, as well as NATO, which I find pretty awesome. Because of the three official languages of Belgium, plus the fact that English is unofficial fourth language, it’s a good choice.

- 57% of the population in Brusses speak ONLY FRENCH. I find that astounding. Only 7% speak only Dutch, and I have to say that out of the 9% that speak French and Dutch, I assume almost all of them are native Dutch speakers. Brussel is supposed to be bilingual (the street signs are), but so many people won’t respond if you don’t speak French. Hell, even if you go to Flanders people will attempt to speak French with you. It’s such a pain to have all of the only French speakers around. French speaker demand services in French in the Dutch surrounding municipalities, even though they are Dutch. They could always, ya know, learn the other language of the country.

- Manneken Pis has been repeatedly stolen over the years, and has many legends on to why the statue is even there to begin with. He is dressed in different outfits quite often. There are other copies in the world (in Japan even), and multiple other ones in Belgium, and there are debates about which one is the oldest. 22 months ago

salaleighTeh Places

  1. Brussels
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Copenhagen
  4. Liechtenstein
  5. Freiburg
  6. Boulder, Colorado
  7. Dalhart, Texas
  8. Austria
  9. Russia
  10. Montreal
  11. Mesopotamia
  12. Halma, MN
  13. Chad
  14. Japan
  15. China
  16. Ancient Greece
  17. Prauge
  18. Korea
  19. Greenland
  20. Iceland
  21. Mecca
  22. Ancient Rome
  23. Tibet
  24. Ghana
  25. The Czech Republic
  26. Israel
  27. Palestine
  28. France
  29. Boliva
  30. Norway
  31. Poland
  32. Silicon Valley, CA
  33. Washington D.C.
  34. Egypt
  35. Bollywood
  36. Thailand
  37. Hawaii
  38. Flanders
  39. Curitiba, Brasil
  40. Sweden
  41. Switzerland
  42. Ireland
  43. Antartica 4 years ago

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