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Detox for next 2 weeks, starting Monday

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lennons_soul_childI AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!

I always set these up for myself and I always fail. I dont think that I have ever got past the second or third day. I look at people that are on youtube and they are doing a 40 day fast, man! I would love to have that type of willpower and that type of support. Because there cant be a way for someone to do that unless the people around them support what they are doing. And most people dont support that.. 40 days is pretty hard to do. 4 years ago


eating grapes and spinach. 4 years ago


Lots of spinach, water, purple cabbage, and water – but I’m having a hard time laying off the caffine. 4 years ago


In order to do this, I’m going to have to make a grocery list, figure out what I’m going to eat and get some supplies. Really need to do this. I will feel one zillion times better, and I know it. Salmon, fresh greens – it will be great. 4 years ago


I’m think of going “raw” for a couple weeks – though not exclusively. I’d like to find a really healthy diet, is what I’d be after, something super nutritious – raw or cooked. 4 years ago


Essentially, I want to get all the sh*t out of my life – but I guess this isn’t entirely possible. And so I will, to the best of my ability, work toward cleansing my body and mind. Need to be more disciplined about this.

Attitudes and beliefs…such as resentment and hostility.
habits, such as chocolate and coffee.

Will go raw for the next 4 weeks. 4 years ago

hazeltovwater, water...

I’m going to do a water fast this weekend. 4 years ago

hazeltovmy mind

this is hardest of all. I am toxic with anxiety and resentment. I know I have to let it go, but a big part of me resists letting it go, which doesn’t mean I’m not letting it go, but that I am going through something here.

I know it’s already started. So much sadness, and genuine hurt, deep and real. I don’t know if a person can “detox” from sorrow. I guess I just try to let it go. 4 years ago

hazeltovfrom my mother

This week I am detoxing from the negative influence my mother has had on my life. I am facing the hurt she has caused me, and I’m not lying to myself about it anymore. I’m also releasing all guilt and all attachment.

This isn’t about forgiveness. This is about acceptance, and moving forward on my own behalf It’s about claiming my own self, and my own life, and letting my mother go.

I have been holding onto her, for better and for worse, for far too long. I want my own life. My mother is not stopping me from claiming this – I am. I am. I feel alot of hatred and resentment toward her, and alot of hurt feelings, and sorrow. I will work through this, and detach from her. 4 years ago

hazeltovbeginning with water and raw food

...for 2 weeks, and including my home. 5 years ago

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