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wrap a snake around my neck, just for the picture

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Picture Of A Neck

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Needidn't actually get a picture

It was when I was 7 or 8 and it was a boa constrictor. It was heavy and warm, though I was told it was only warm from my body heat. At first I was nervous, because it kept moving it’s head and tail, but then it seemed to relax the more I did.

I sat down and it began to slide down around me, it was cuddly, and I got distracted by someone talking to me and actually forgot about the snake for a while, until it had wrapped itself around my leg. It was the creepiest feeling in the world to realize that it was trying to eat me, though it wasn’t squeezing that hard. Sorta like how some people call light biting from their dog or cat “love bites” it was apparently only “playful squeezing.” Hah. 6 years ago


hi 6 years ago

Sam PettitWhat can I say?

I was 12, and they were letting kids hold the reptiles at this exhibit. I told my mom that when I said “Go” to take a picture, and I wrapped a huge albino python around my arms and neck. I survived, and I still have the picture. 6 years ago

Amanda JoUntitled

here’s a worse of the two pictures…

sooooooooooooooo, i am in nyc right now.

i was walking down in times square yesterday, there was a kid walking around handing out demo cd’s… and he had a snake around his neck!!!!

i struck up a conversation and asked if i could hold his snake.
....i got a picture!!! :o) 7 years ago

Amanda JoUntitled

does anyone here or anyone you know of have a snake in the niagara falls area? new york or canada?? 7 years ago

stanat1722yorkAmazing how strong they are

OK, it really was just for the picture. 7 years ago


In Cambodia- it was a python. My mother was not happy. 8 years ago


Yup done this years ago….Still dont like snakes that much lol 8 years ago

MariaWestHit Me Baby One More Time

this is the best goal ever! 8 years ago

idealweightWorth doing!

I am not a great snake fan but I surprised myself by putting a python around my neck and posing for a photo at the Reptile Park, in Gosford, NSW. Australia . 8 years ago

Todd SchoonoverI was 9 or 10

And I had a death grip on that snake. It’s eyes were bulging out and staring straight at my dad, whose eyes were bulging out. It was at Busch Gardens I think. 8 years ago

kat_cat23Well it was at a zoo but...

When I went to this reptile park once and I got a picture of me with a read python around my neck and across my shoulders. They feel SO COOL! 8 years ago

mhuebertin Ottawa...

at a youth conference a few years ago there was a professor from the University of Ottawa, who brought this amazing snake… the skin was sooo great to touch!!!! Nothing like you’d expect. Highly recommended experience! 8 years ago

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