Create a goal to support Joey (If Your Gonna Scream, Scream With Me) so he knows that we are there for him in this very diffcicult time.

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dragonfly35Haven't written here yet

and am retiring this goal at least for now so I can add other things to my list. But I’m glad to have been able to show support in a small way, and the support will continue without the goal. I’m always here… if you need anything, just ask. :)

Oh, and… really glad you’re back! 4 years ago

smartstuffSo Glad You're Back

I think it’s a fact. 4 years ago

TriniprincessRetiring this goal...

but definitely not done supporting! 4 years ago

smartstuffI think it proves the point quite nicely

Besides… lots of little hugs! 4 years ago

smartstuffStill Worried for Joey

Big. Sad. Face.

More hugs aimed in his general direction.

Hope he comes back soon. 4 years ago

ArtemisYeah, Joey, damn it!

What the hell?! :P Get yo ass over here! 4 years ago


Sending Love. 4 years ago

Foole has taken the first step to healingWell, Joey

I understand the need to get things straightened out, but take it from an old broad. Life is seldom unf’ked. That’s the joy of it, meeting the challenges while continuing to breath and finding friends in the process. So staying away is kinda counterproductive. I assume you’re feeling overwhelmed and somewhat shamed that you’re not living up to your self-induced image of the big strong man that can handle anything. We all need help sometimes and there’s NO shame in the struggle. You do add to the site with your humor and your need. It takes us out of ourselves to show compassion to another and I’m sure, one day, you’ll return the favor.

Come back soon. My thoughts are with ya. 4 years ago

smartstuffMore Hope and Love and Hugs for Joey

I hope he comes back soon. :-( 4 years ago

jess jess jessUntitled

Still thinking of you and sending you hugs, Joey. 4 years ago

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same.Hang in there, baby!

We’re all here thinking of you and sending out love and strength. 4 years ago

TriniprincessTo those on the outside...

the hardest part may seem over. But we know that there’s no classification for times like these. We’re still rooting for you! Much love and positivity being sent your way. It’s good to see that you’re hanging in there :) 4 years ago

smartstuffYou've got a lot of hearts remembering with you Joey

... 4 years ago


I just want you to know that I am keeping you and your family close to my heart.

If there is anything, anything… I can do, please let me know.
You can write or call and cry and vent and yell and just say what every you want to and I will listen and love on you, best I can.

I am sending you comforting energy, full of peace. I’m so sorry baby. 4 years ago

tikini wikini wishing you clarity

Clarity of purpose, mind, and soul

Struggles that involve children and untrustworthy spouses are among the worst, most difficult ever

Have faith in yourself! I trust this one idea: the universe is unfolding as it should. It has helped me find balance in the toughest moments. 4 years ago

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same.Hey darlin,

we’re all here sending our good energy, wishes, yaddayadda, even if we’re being quiet so as not to make you get all “you guys!” and run away. I’ve seen again and again how helpful it is to read about people’s struggles and doubts and perseverance in difficult times, so know that you can express whatever you’re going through and not only will we all support you, you may be helping a quiet reader who’s going through the same or a similar situation. 4 years ago

smartstuffHey You!

When looking for a picture for this goal, I typed in the following key words:

sentimental mushy hugs support love


Because if you’re going to go out of your way to support a fella when he specifically resists any of that “lean on me” crap, you might as well go whole hog.

Anyway. Best to you at getting through all this shit, dude. Just focus on making the best decisions you can, given the circumstances. And remember that we’re all ears here, whether you like it or not. 4 years ago


Being mostly silent but helping building mass for movement. Don’t use this group of people for being embarrassed Joe, use it for the energy it can bring. We are never alone. We are all connected.

Professional ninja squads may be brought in to rain fire upon errant judges. Stand by.4 years ago

Foole has taken the first step to healingHey Joey!!

That judge is wrong!!! It IS his job to protect kids. He could get into lots of trouble for that statement. We had a judge here, that lost his office for being soft on child molesters and sex offenders. Keep screaming. Keep fighting.

Your brother..hugs to ya. It’s all I got, but this. I’m the oldest of 5 kids. There’s 3 of us left. I’ve got a score to settle too. 4 years ago

ArtemisJust like Shelly said..

Hang in there, ok? 4 years ago

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