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EndrinaSmoothie 33/43

Mmmm, smoothies…After my run today (yey, I did it!) I made myself a berry-based smoothie, using
1 banana
1/2 bag of mixed, frozen berries
some spoons of vanilla yogurt

Sweet, bitter, refreshing…and so much better than my attempt yesterday! 10 months ago

EndrinaSmoothie 32/43

I should call this “the monster” or “the gunky one” – can’t quite decide. That said, it looks worse on the photo than in real life. Not very tasty, though, probably due to too many watery items. It tastes kind of like…watered down cucumber with a hint of kiwi.
For this one I used

a handful of blueberries,
1 kiwi
1/2 cucumber
some spoons of vanilla yogurt
a dash of water
a little lettuce

So basically healthy, but rather…tasteless and not too good looking. I’m planning on making a berry-smoothie tomorrow, which might not be a lot more good looking but should taste a lot better! 10 months ago


love them, but haven’t made any in ages. My son is allergic to most fruits, and I’m thinking this is a good time to start experimenting with green smoothies – using spinach (ugh, I have serious issues with spinach!), kale and other vegetables. Does anyone have good recipes to share? 12 months ago

raychill777 2 years ago

EndrinaSmoothie 31/43

...and last night we couldn’t be bothered making dinner, so we made another smoothie!
This time we used a bag of frozen strawberries, 1/4 lime, 3 kiwis, some blue grapes, a little apple juice, ice cubes…and had a delicious meal! I’d prefer it a little more bitter, but Espen prefers them sweet, so we pretty much compromised. 2 years ago

EndrinaSmoothie 30/43

Yums, how come I haven’t made smoothies in such a long time? It’s pretty much the most delicious thing there is, and so easy to make!
Saturday we made a lovely evening snack – a smoothie with a smoewhat bitter tang (my favourites!)
We used 1 small tin of canned pineapple, 2 kiwis, 1/2 lime, 1 red apple, ice cubes and a little lemon juice. Though it doesn’t look all that good it tasted amazing! 2 years ago

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