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I finished my holiday challenge (25 classes in the 32 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I’ve been practicing regularly all year. A year ago when I started this goal I was 10 pounds heavier and definitely not “in shape”. Today I’m stronger, more flexible and more focused than I was when I started this. Will continue to be a regular, but in the meantime I’m considering this done to make room for some new goals for 2013!! 15 months ago

letterboxer 2 years ago

letterboxertoday was 24!!

one more day and I will reach my holiday goal before Christmas! 25 classes in 32 days!!

Truth be told, I had a mini meltdown earlier this week when I had to miss a class. I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to reach my goal due to a stupid scheduling glitch. But I figured it out and now I’m down to one more class tomorrow morning. I know I can do it!!

Yay! 15 months ago


In the homestretch! 7 more classes to reach my holiday goal! My plan is to take 1 more day off and then push through to next Saturday to get to 25 classes in! Just do it!!! 16 months ago


I’ve gotten in 15 days of yoga since Thanksgiving. Need 10 more before Christmas to successfully complete the holiday yoga challenge! Just do it!!! 16 months ago

letterboxer7 days in a row!!

I love taking classes with different teachers because I always hear something new to add to my practice. Yesterday Carol told me one thing to improve my head to knee posture and today Sam told me one thing to improve my tree stand. So even though today was a tough class for me, I’m so glad I went. 16 months ago

letterboxer2 little stars....

up on the holiday challenge chart for me. 23 more classes to go before Christmas!! :) 16 months ago

letterboxerHoliday yoga challenging

At my yoga studio I’m participating in the holiday yoga challenge. Attend 25 classes in the 31 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and get half off my membership price for January. Healthy and a financial incentive. Just do it!! 17 months ago

letterboxerLove how I feel after Bikram

I’m still not back to the level I could accomplish before I took a break, but am getting there. Went last night and had a rough class, so I got back on the horse and went this morning. I definitely have much more will power and stamina in the morning. Recommitting to the 8AM class. Every day I can get there. Feel great this morning after toughing through a second class in 24 hours. 17 months ago

letterboxerTorture chamber this morning.... was SO hot and SO crowded and I felt like I was going to die….but now I’m home and am glad I toughed it out. Next time will be better. Keep it up! (Yes, todays entry doubles as a pep talk to myself!!) :) 17 months ago

letterboxerTook a bit of a hiatus...

....all of September and half of October. At first it was because I was so far behind from the kids being home all summer that I was going to “take two weeks off” to use that time to catch up on projects etc. Two weeks stretched to four. Then I got sick. Then I had gum surgery. But enough of being a sloth. Back to the discipline of going as often as I can. Went this morning. Sipping on my post-workout coconut water basking in the fact that I’m back. 18 months ago

letterboxerToday is August 22nd... officially 7 months since I started taking Bikram classes. Its Weds and I’ve already been three times this week!! My daughter felt my bicep muscle in the car today and she said “that’s from yoga???” Yes yes yes!!!! (Truth be told its not a very big bicep muscle, but its definitely a serious start!!) 20 months ago

letterboxerOver 6 months under my belt

and I have to say this has been one of the best goals. I’m stronger, fitter, healthier and thinner. 90 minutes out of my day 3-5 times a week has made a huge difference in my life. Not sure when I will remove this goal from my list. I could now, but I’m afraid if I do I might stop going. Keeping it on for now. 20 months ago


This summer has been GREAT, but a little crazy! With two big trips and a house full of company in between. I’ve gone to yoga when I’ve had the chance but its really been in spotty dribs and drabs. Yesterday I could have gone, but chose to go to the grocery store instead (we had just gotten home from vacation the night before and we had NO food in the house….). But time to recommit!! My son started football yesterday so will need rides at 6 and 8—so that’s going to toss out the evening classes. So I must recommit to those 8am classes! Just do it!! 20 months ago

letterboxerToday is my 4-month mark!!

I didn’t go today, but went yesterday and 4 days last week. That’s my average: 4 times a week. It seems to be the perfect amount for me. I notice a huge difference in my strength, stamina, focus and balance. Best thing I’ve done for myself is keep up with this goal. 23 months ago

letterboxerTwo rough classes

made me take a week off while the kids were home on school vacation. Finally went back today. Felt good to be back. I took it easy and it was all good. 1 year ago

letterboxerBeen practicing Bikram since January 22nd

Note to self: this morning I woke up and thought I may skip yoga (I’ve never just skipped), but I talked myself into going and something great happened! Totally solid toe stands and felt totally strong in the 108 degrees. Don’t skip! 2 years ago

letterboxer2 months under my belt....

...and still going. I miss it when I can’t go. Yesterday I had to run quite a distance as I was late and I felt STRONG and not winded! Wahoo! Didn’t expect that as I do no additional cardio workouts. But my heart does get pumping so hard during my practice that I’m not surprised at this benefit! So awesome!

Starting to notice changes in my shape. Stronger muscles and more toned arms, legs and butt. Still have bumps and bulges where I don’t want them especially the bit of a spare tire around my middle….but it took me longer than 2 months to get my body so out of shape, so I’m sure it will take more time to get it back in shape. Keep on plugging away and it will happen.

Bought two new dresses to wear on my Greece trip this summer. They are very cute and fit fine right now, but will look much better if I keep up my practice! :) 2 years ago

letterboxerWent today and it was MOBBED

Wow, Sunday at 10AM was wall to wall bodies. But the teacher (who I’d never met before) was phenomenal! I’ll definitely be back on a Sunday and will get there early to get a better spot!!! 2 years ago

letterboxerMy 30-day intro offer is up

Committed to a three month unlimited membership. Its kind of pricey, but as long as I attend 8 classes a month I break even. I attended 15 classes in my first month, so as long as I keep up that pace it will be very worth it.

Today’s class was great! I see a big improvement in my strength, flexibility and balance. All of that is priceless! 2 years ago

letterboxerToday was my 13th class!

And I got down into the toe stand pose today!!!! I’ve gradually been making progress on all the postures and today was the day I had a breakthrough in the hardest posture in the series for me!! Wahoo! 2 years ago

letterboxerStill going

Have missed a few days since I was in Miami, but went to the 8AM class this morning. Love it! Its helping my posture and helping me drink more water AND I’m losing some weight. Triple win!! 2 years ago

letterboxerFound a Bikram studio really close to my house....

...and they had a $30 for 30 days deal for new students. I’m in! Went yesterday and today. The hot and humid room makes it quite a challenge for me, but I’m doing it and getting the hang of it. See lots and lots of health benefits of keeping up with this one. 2 years ago

letterboxerHot damn!

I went to Bikram yoga this past Saturday and LOVED it! It was HOT in that room, but it was really great to totally sweat like that!! Felt awesome when it was over. Will definitely go again!! 2 years ago

letterboxerthis is the week....

I’m going!! 2 years ago

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