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myosotisx3 5 months ago

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Bigmighty 10 months ago

Jennifer St. Onge 18 months ago


Now we have a place of our own I have been looking at websites and doing some research. We know we want a rescue or shelter dog. We want a pup who needs us as much as we need him. I tend to be home alone at night a lot due to my husbands work schedule so it would be so nice to have a dog with me.
I have been looking at www.petfinder.com
They seem to be a great resource. I want to visit our local city pound but I would literally want to take them all home, it breaks my heart to see all those homeless animals. 17 months ago


Here’s a picture of my puppy. 17 months ago

iSqueakCrate Training update.

Here’s a quick update on the crate training, since I haven’t posted in three days.
Brody<~my puppy) is adjusting quite well since I got him a more suitable bed instead of just a towel.

He has only pooped in his crate once and that was clearly my fault.

None of the neighbors have complained, I introduced myself to one of the neighbors. Informed her about crate training Brody, she hasn’t heard a thing. I hope that applies to all of my neighbors in the other units.

I’m terrified of my electricity bill, but whatever helps Brody makes me happy.

He does wake me up but I count up to 30 seconds so when he stops barking to let him out. If he starts barking again, I recount and wait till he’s quiet.

I’ve seen him walk into his crate once in awhile, which makes me happy.

I praise him every time I let him out or when he freely walks in.

Thank god for the crate!
He’s a handful, if I take my eyes off him for one minute. He’ll either start biting something, peeing or whatever else he can get into. 18 months ago

iSqueakCrate training

I HATE CRATE TRAINING! Everyone swears by it but I haven’t gotten a decent sleep in three days ughhhhhh!!! 18 months ago

iSqueak 19 months ago

iSqueakcrate issues.

The adoption is being finalized this week and i’m so excited!
He’ll be the first puppy I’ve ever owned.
My first male dog. First smaller breed.
He’s a puggle, pug-beagle mixed.
I don’t know what type of crate to get for him, plastic or wire?
I don’t like the idea of him getting warm inside a plastic crate.
But the idea of him getting anxiety by being alone, and could get overwhelming for him to be able to see everything.
My folks are trying to convince me to use the family dog’s old plastic crate. It’s washed, and cleaned but it’s an 8 year old crate that’s a bit scratched up. Ugh. 18 months ago

iSqueakA question

The adoption is being finalized this week, then the puppy will officially be mine :) My question is what's a better crate? plastic or wire? I'll be posting details on my blog about my 'adopt a puppy' goal 18 months ago

iSqueaknervous, scared and excited all at once!

Next week, hopefully Tuesday I’ll be a puppy owner. I’m so excited but I’m almost just as nervous. It’d be the first dog I’ve ever owned. Not my family’s but mine as an individual, 18 months ago


:) so much exciting news!!!!! 18 months ago

user32493 20 months ago

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ShirCanDoItor a Pomeranian (Boo) puppy ♥

OMG it’s just like a tiny teddy bear ♥

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36InsbDVG1c&feature=related 2 years ago

ShirCanDoItTeacup Pomeranian puppy ♥

cutest thing E V E R ! 2 years ago

Terri Butler 2 years ago

MementoVivere25 2 years ago

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