Deal with the enormous sinkhole in the backyard

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joie de vivreAgain

Loyal subscribers may remember how 18 months ago I posted about how I was going to fix the second major sinkhole in the backyard.

Well. My husband lost his job, and I had other things going on. So it just sat there, sinking.

The 2nd sinkhole is now about 5 feet deep. I contacted the guy who fixed the previous previous one and he looked at it. The next sunny day – maybe tomorrow? – he’s going to fix it. 13 months ago

joie de vivreAgain

Loyal subscribers may remember, two years ago, how I discovered and then deal with an enormous sinkhole in the backyard.

The other day, my husband was sitting out in the backyard reading, and mentioned that there was a depression in the lawn.

I was out there reading with him today, and noticed how deep the depression was. Imagine a low spot in your backyard, about two inches below the general surface, about three inches across.

Compared to two years ago, I know now a lot more about sinkholes. I got a trowel and started digging. It didn’t take long to pierce the sod, and then get throw a couple inches of dirt. And then it just gave way.

Another sinkhole. I put my arm down. I could not feel the bottom.

With trepedation, I started to dig more. Through the arm-wide hole in the grass, I dug around, feeling the dirt just give way under the trowel.

Finally felt relief when I hit wood. At least I could say why another sinkhole had formed. It is probably another buried old-growth stump.

What I need to do now is find our records – who we wrote that check to 23 months ago – and get them out here again. I know now that it doesn’t do me much good to deal with the sinkhole alone. It will take a crew of men, and the hole is likely to be at least as big as the last one. 2 years ago

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