Wish NaughtyMinx a Belated Clear-Head Birthday September 14th


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Recent activity

FatboyslimHappy belated birthday Minxy!

I hope you had a wonderful day. x 4 years ago

RuthG"Clear" does not mean "empty", of course

Heehee! So good to see you back, naughtyminx, & here’s hoping you make great progress on your goals throughout your new year. Happy happy birthday!

P.S. I love your new goal “Visit 43 Things every day for 43 days.” Yay! 4 years ago

Todd SchoonoverHappy Belated Birthday

Even though Minx hasn’t been around much lately, she still deserved on-time birthday wishes (like all Virgos do). It’s understandable that she’s not been around much though. She’s spending time with her kids and working on real-life goals, which is truly way more important than playing on a silly website. In fact, this website was never intended to be a social community but one that helped people work on accomplishing their goals. The social aspect is a bonus. Of course it is nice when people touch base now and then, and when we can have fun and frivolous goals like these birthday greetings (though I’m sure the birthday recipient doesn’t consider them frivolous). So here are my wishes for Minx for the coming year:

May she continue to prove herself a good mother daily by doing things like teaching her son to read, write, swim & ride a bike as well as helping her daughter pass her GCSEs. May she spend some time each week getting rid of the clutter that will help her clean up her house and keep it clean. And may she get back on track with maintainng the blood sugar balance rules which will help her lose those 30 pounds. 4 years ago

MissaBaby Claire shares her birthday with a

Pretty fabulous woman! Happy birthday! 4 years ago

TazHow could I be so remiss than to

forget your birthday. :(
I hope you had a wonderful day sweetie. xx 4 years ago

Waterfall NymphDear Minx

You aren’t here right now, what with the baby and back to work and the 500 other things filling your days.

But I know you’ve had a lovely birthday, because what else could it be?

Happy happy Minxy! 4 years ago

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