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leave notes in library books

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Indigofrog 2 weeks ago

usedtohaiku 2 months ago

paigesoflove 2 months ago

birdladyb2 3 months ago

katayah 3 months ago

SpinCycle 4 months ago

teddy0009I feel what you feel

Someone will find the note “Dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room?” in the book “Remembrance of things past” by Marcel Proust. I did it because I’m not the only one who feels that way and I want to share this song with others. I feel happy and creative. You are not the only one! 5 months ago

teddy0009 5 months ago

Tru 6 years ago

Billyb4Hang on....

It would probably be helpful if I join a library first… 12 months ago

Billyb4 12 months ago

julietsatine 15 months ago

Avanant 15 months ago

shirshe 15 months ago

PinkCelestialDreams 15 months ago

That GirlToday

I opened a library book and found a note in it. I was so excited because I had found someone doing the same weird things as me.

The note said:

“I rubbed this book on my ball sack.”

So I was not only let down, but I also had to leave the library to wash my hands. 18 months ago

calmncare 19 months ago


Keep forgetting to leave the notes! bangs head on desk19 months ago

user34927 19 months ago

Meredith Faggart 5 years ago

ninjahug1st step

I have signed up to the library again – I was buying a lot of books and stopped using the library some time ago.
Recently I gave some of my books away to the library and I decided to sign up again.
Now I can work on this goal :) 22 months ago

missmorgan389First note - done!

It is actually my second note, but the first one from my phone didn’t send. Hope you like the quote! 22 months ago

Miss Villainess 22 months ago

twinker_tinkerFirst note!

Today I wrote a note and leaved it in a book that I’ve just finished reading (Where Rainbow Ends by Cecelia Ahern)

I hope the next person who borrows this book will be delighted to see a inspirational note inside. =) 23 months ago

twinker_tinker 2 years ago


Gotta get to the library… but glad I finally found a use for those extra pages in the front/back of the book! 23 months ago

Raychel 2 years ago

librarianesque 2 years ago

biitchfaaceox 6 years ago

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