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I am currently attempting to design a zeppelin, which would ultimately measure to be approx 2.5 meters. Does anybody have a site to get some form of instructions, or general outlines for the project? 6 years ago


I want to build a Zeppelin for my project. :) 6 years ago

KnabewunderInterested in building a steampunk zepplin/dirigible

Any recommendations? I was thinking of building two models 1/8 and 1/4 scale prior to building to real deal. I have no idea how to power it or whether it can operate under human power. Ideally I want to be able to take a few people for a ride once it is complete. That ought to make the balloon portion quite large. 6 years ago


Don’t really know why but I have this thing about zeppelins, it has probebly somthing to to with my life long dream of “free-flying”. Sure an airplain is probably easier to get your hands on but they feel kind of fake, I mean it’s like the diffrens beatween a speedboat and a sailboat… So my point being wouldn’t it be cool to travl over acres upon acres of forest in your sun powered Zeppeline? But that’s just daydreaming. 6 years ago

thothsiaI want ot build a zeppelin

I want to buile a zeppelin 6 years ago

socrunningmanTH002 A second project.

Ambition has got the best of me, I am nearing the end of a design process for a second model zeppelin. This time I am going to go for an aerostatic (think aerodinamic but for airships) streamlined shape based off of the LZ129 and LZ130 (my last model was roughly based off of the LZ4 or LZ10)

After testing many materials I have determined that the use of two types of paper (A4 20lb & A4 cardstock) and epoxy resin can create a lighter structure than my last model while increasing the size and the stream of air over the surface(my last design had control problems, ironically similar to that of Zeppelins first few crafts, because the air flow was not directed over the control surfaces.)

I am also going to Up the Power of the engines, and have 4 instead of 2, and have full working rudders and elevators(my last model used the two props to steer, to go up full power was applied, to descend less than that was applied)

The Gas bags will be mylar this time(rather than the heavy duty trash bags used last time) and will fly off of helium(not hydrogen like my last model.)

Lastly the battery life should be about 15min at full power(approx 40knots) my last model was in a fight against the wind that it lost on it’s 4th flight, so the power and endurance, as well as the improved controls should solve the problems encountered by high winds and trees. (I plan to dive down to the ground and set it down if the same thing happens this time, last time I could not do that because there was not enough power to fight against the wind, and as I flew full power the craft only rose higher in the air. sure enough after the craft was in the tree the wind stopped and wasn’t around for the rest of the day [well, in that force or durration])

If I where to build it true to scale these would be the dimensions.

Design TH002A
Scale 1:50
Length 16’4”
Max Diameter 2’8.5”

However beautiful this design would be it is only marginally practical, therefore I plan on making one of these two concepts

Design TH002B
Scale 1:50
Length 16’
Max Diameter 3’6”
Approx lift 2170g

Design TH002C
Scale 1:50
Length 16’
Max Diameter 4’
Approx lift 2840g

C would be the best lifter, but the drag(increasing at a sq to the diameter) would be quite large and take away from the streamlined flow of the craft, therefore I plan on designing model B.

The structure will be made out of Paper and epoxy, of which I can acquire at practically no cost at my school. I will have to buy some cardstock for the main rings which need to provide more support. The skin will be paper, this way it serves as both an aerodynamic improvement on the surface, and also serves as the struts linking the rings, lowering the total weight of the craft.

I am still looking at different radio packages, but it looks like I will be spending about $300 or R/C gear. Once I determine the flight system I will post it here.

With that, does anyone have Ideas or questions to help me brain storm a little more? I plan to start construction of the body in about two weeks using the B model. 6 years ago

yuvanashhow to do it

i m in urgent need to make zeppelin for my project.
can anyone help me soon 6 years ago

Eric HodelRibs

I’ve built two ribs, so my hands are now thoroughly covered in superglue. I laminated three layers of 3/32” x 3/8” balsa in a spiral. Each rib is about 20” in diameter.

While building the spiral I used pins to hold the balsa in place while the glue set. The first rib was a bit more difficult as I pinned down the strips in too many places. The second I only pinned the ends down and glued longer sections. This gave fewer voids in the lamination, too. 7 years ago

Eric HodelNew Tools!

Today I went out and got some balsa wood and various tools to begin construction of my zeppelin. I started by cutting a piece 3” by 6” by 1/32” sheet of balsa into 3/8” strips using this method, then I put some nails in a 4’ x 4’ sheet of plywood in a circle. I stopped after seven because it seemed too loud.

With 36” strips this thin, I won’t need to soak the balsa to get it to bend, which means I won’t need to clean my tub for soaking.

I’ve already sustained an injury, which can only be a good omen, as almost every other time I’ve built something awesome I’ve drawn blood. This time it was from hitting my elbow on my counter as I retrieved my x-acto knife. 7 years ago


COMPLEATE!!!, the Zeppelin is compleated, whats even more amazing is that it got super cold in my house last night, so me being the crazy person I am(if you don’t belive I am crazy, may I remind you that I built a zeppelin in my house in under two weeks) filled the cavity with hot air(it was around 30 in the house downstairs at that time, and I filled it with hot air from a camping stove keeping the door open making it slightly colder) the differance in tempiture worked, if only for a few minutes, and it floated in the air for a full two minutes before loosing tempiture and droping to the ground. none the less, I consider this an initial success in flight, now to get it ready for a flight in the feild house after custom making some sort of bag or getting balloons to put inside(I am still working on this all important step) 7 years ago

socrunningmanFrame Compleated!

The fame has been compleated as with the nose cone assembly, the tail assembly is waiting the compleation of the engines and wireing, once that is done I will be able to attatch them to the compleated tail section and then cover the craft with a light skin(made from white trash bags) and then inflate the weather balloons inside to provide lift. 7 years ago


okay, seeing as how I am most likely going to have to go with large latex balloons as gas bags(the hindenburgs bags where presurized so I would not be going against history, just reducing effectiveness.) I now need to figgure out the best way to couter balance my ship. I belive that paper clips would work best, they are 1gram each and I can easily attach them. any other ideas that might work better?

I think that water may not be the answer we are looking here because I would need tanks and that might be more ballast(and less room inside for helium!) than I think I can design into it right now. I am cutting out a few grams from the back, but I think I will just have to couter ballance the front to make it work. and it floating with a slight tilt up would still be okay.

I am planning on making the craft slightly heavier than air(one or two grams, maybe more. that way if trouble happens I will be able to just let it float down. I will make it fly up by aiming the motors up(they are going to be placed on the tail fins) that way it will tilt the nose up and push the craft forward(making it fly upwards.) to make it turn I have it set up for one motor to push harder than the other, I will also aim these into the craft to create the nessisary extra amount of force.(not as much as they are aimed upwards though.) I have a remote control device so the craft will be autonomus from any physical contact. I am still going to attatch a string for the first few flights.

Anouther thing with the gas bags. it is cold outside, and I plan on flying it inside. If I am correct the gas should contract when going outside when I am transporting the craft back to my house, and with gradual reheating it should be just fine(assuming the tempiture in my house is about the same as the feildhouse, and belive me, it is colder.)

that is all for now, let me know about any of your thoughts! 7 years ago

socrunningmanGas Bags

as My frame is nearing compleation, and my schematics are done for the controls, I need to start to figgure out where to buy mylar bags online, I think I will be able to find helium somewhere on campus, but I have no clue as to where I will get the bags themselves. does anyone else know? please respnd ASAP so I can get them ordered. I also would look to other possibilities than milar. 7 years ago

socrunningmanI plan to start building one

I originally planned on writing this a few days ago when I actually started planning, resurching and building my zeppelin. It is now day number 4 in the construction process, my craft is just now starting to come together in a recognizable shape. the rings have been constructed and now I am placing the struts to make the structure into the recognizable aerostatic shape known as the “cigar” shape. I will post some pictures once I have it done, of the whole process.

My model is of similar size to the one that was previously planned(built?) a little smaller in diameter, but just about as long. I have decided to make mine out of foam board, a little less strong than balsa or other materials, but I found that it has a better weight/strength ratio than balsa. here are some specs

Circumferance 216cm
Diameter 68.76cm
Radius 34.38cm
length 380cm
struts(ring) 9cm
struts(body) 20cm
volume(approximate capacity)
Theoretical lift 1.12kg
lift after subtracting the weight of the frame and motors

For motors and control I am using a canabalized system from a small model airplane. it will only give me enough thrust to fly the zeplin indoors seeing as how their is not much thrust to the engines and there will be a fair about of drag from the surfice area. Well, off to keep on working! 7 years ago


Zeppelin schmeppelin. 8 years ago

gruniI'm serious

Ok, most people think this is a dream. It can’t be done. Why ? But despite all the contrary opinions, this is the goal I want to reach in my life. I know it can’t be done alone. Now that the Zeppelin NT is out and flying I think it’s time to build another airship. My Plan is to build an Airship big enough to live in it, with it’s own power source and completely autarkic/self-sustaining possible usages could be well for living, as a yacht for rich people. But also as a flying Hospital in crisis regions. I would like to donate the constraction plans to the UN and maybe even try building it with sponsoring of the UNO. Ya it sounds like a little kids dream, but I think it’s possible you just need to believe in your goal.

-gruni 8 years ago

TheFlyingWagonGo to thailand

Ireland is dull. 9 years ago

TheFlyingWagonDestroy all chavs.

Kill the bastards. These people ruin our society and our cityscapes by turning them pink. 9 years ago

Daviddirigible action

zeppelins are cool 9 years ago

Eric HodelSize

Hydrogen has a lifting capacity of 1.1 kg/m³, and Helium has a lifting capacity of 1.02 kg/m³.

At 3m long and 1m in diameter, that’s ~ 2.1 m³ of gas, or 2.14 kg lifting capacity. I could probably increase the diameter to 1.5 m and still be able to make it out the door, giving 5.3 kg lifting capacity. 9 years ago

Eric HodelZeppelins are cool

Much cooler than blimps, which are big gas bags with some motors draped off of them.

With a zeppelin you can put motors anywhere because they’ve got this frame around them. It should be easy to build a zeppelin frame from balsa wood, then attach some model-airplane motors to it. Plus, with the rigid structure you could probably even attach things like cameras to them.

You also get to hang ropes off of them for mooring, just like in real life! Oh, and I can even get a cool zep captain hat, just like ‘ol Ferdinand himself! 9 years ago

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