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Build a zombie shelter

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I would probably end up doing some crazy shit if this happened lmao 4 years ago

trandomphatguymy post-apocalyptic zombie bunker

hmm, yes, darlings,.... im seeing maximum storage facilities, dont waitout an attack without plenty essentials, luvvie- trained gunmen at strategic points arond the top of the building, experts with shotguns.. lots of moltov cocktail traps, secure, steel inforced doors and windows with a maximum strength lock, boobie traps and special airtight locking bedrooms (if they do manage to get in, just go to your bedroom, shut the door and have a liedown! you can even use your maximum strength bedroom window to look out and see the funny zombies killing themselves by setting off the traps! as well as strong fast cars in the garage, so if you do have to go out, it`s still safe! also, a really steep ditch with fire at the bottom and a tank of water above it surrounding the whole building, and safe hopuses for the roof gunners with tiny holes so that they can shoot. and finnally, most importantly… comfortable furniture! 4 years ago


I plan to make my general living area zombie resistant (because we all know that nothing can be zombie proof) and I have designed numerous houses that follow the building code and yet are zombie resistant while still being nice to live in. 4 years ago


zombie shelters ftw!!!!!!! 4 years ago

zaboniJust in Case

I would rather be safe than sorry. The first house I own will have a zombie-proof bunker. 5 years ago

hgm2122Help me defeat the zombies

Right! I’m gonna get serious about the survival plan and shelter. My brother got bitten by a dog yesterday, and when he described it I realized that the dog was owned by one of the zombies who came after me and my friend the other day. If anyone knows anything about zombies, can you PLEASE PLEASE tell me, because I’m gonna go insane if my brother becomes a zombie, and I will probably go out to kill every zombie I see, and probably get myself bitten. Can you all please give me tips on how to build good shelters? I’m kinda stuck, and my friend is too freaked out to help. She is trusting me to make all of the plans myself, so that means that if we both get bitten I will be held responsible. Thank you! 6 years ago

rachelyrachwe made one!!!

and it kicked arse..
it was 100% zombie proof and it had a gnome

me and hampy have the skills 7 years ago

MsHampsZombie shelter!

By Crikey, it was sooo worth doing, the zombies stayed well away, if anyone is interested i have some pics i can email, just let me know. Wow, it was great. Thankyou to the newbster for helping me! xxxxx 7 years ago

JiminyCricketsZombies are stupid

It would be better on stilts because zombies are too stupid to climb and you could snipe them all off, very night of the living dead. Poor black guy… 7 years ago

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