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Buy myself a digital camera

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dancingmomOrdered the camera from ecost

and it seems the battery is dead. Waiting on a new one to arrive in the mail. Once it’s working,I will mark this goal as done. I was hoping to have it in time for tonight’s Mardi Gras Parade. 5 years ago

dancingmomIt's Gone

My camera took a mysterious walk a couple months ago. No one knows anything. It’s time for me to face the facts and buy a new one. 5 years ago

~ Julie ~Did this a year ago

definitely worth doing! 5 years ago

EnJayBeeFinally Done!

I finally got around to buying myself a digital camera and I’m loving it! Taking lots of photos of my spring garden and i’ll also get around to opening a flickr account :) 7 years ago

yakuzaNo one else would buy one for me

I’ve “consulted” on various purchases since then though. 7 years ago

EnJayBeeI've had a few good recommendations

and went and checked some cameras out yesterday.

At this stage i’ve narrowed it down to a Canon or a Panasonic but i’m still a bit undecided. 8 years ago

Johndigital camera is the way to go for 95% of us

If you have a computer and it has a USB port on it then you really should get a digital camera.

I got my first digital camera over 5 years ago. I took it to California for the JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

Since then, I have bought a second digital camera with much higher resolution that is really small and light – and only cost me $100.

Also, I bought a cell phone that has digital camera built into it, as does my miniDV camcorder. So I am pretty well stockedwith them now.

Why would you want a digital camera?

  • no need to get prints you don’t like – if it looks like crap on the LCD, it will look like crap on paper
  • if you don’t like it – delete and redo, right there – on the spot
  • photos can upload to your computer in seconds; modern hard drives hold LOTS of them – typically all you need is a film media card to USB port adapter; they typically cost $20 for very plain ones to $50 for extremely nice ones which might even have a video output port
  • you can upload your favorite photos to Flickr.com, Yahoo.com, or – if you have a Mac and a .Mac subscription to mac.com.
  • you can organize them really easily in iPhoto, if you have a Mac
  • you can print your favorite photos from iPhoto, .Mac, Yahoo, or Flickr
  • you can email your vacation photos, portraits, pet photos, significant other’s mug, house photos, new car photos, gooofy photos to friends and family (personally, I think putting them on Flickr or similar site makes more sense)
  • you can back them up onto CD
  • you can make a DVD slide show of them with iDVD (on Macintosh)
  • you can alter, clean up, or crop them with a photo editing program
  • you can print them yourself to photo quality paper with an ink jet printer for your computer

Apple just came out with a souped-up commercial version of iPhoto called Aperture that blends a database into the photo albumb program, as well as a ton of powerful image-processing commands.

Most people will be perfectly happy with iPhoto which comes with new Macs and can be bought as part of the iLife ‘05 software bundle for people who want to add it to or update it on older Macs.

There are programs to do similar things on PCs, although I have never been happy with one on Microsoft Windows and I have used a bunch of them. Some of those programs cost more than a brand-new Mac – which includes iPhoto anyway! 8 years ago

EnJayBeeDigital Cameras

I’ve been looking at digital cameras for awhile now – but just have not got around to purchasing one.

Each time i decide that yes, i’ll buy one, I get confused by all the options, and what I do and don’t need or want the camera to do. Think i’ll take somebody with me next time and let them make the decision for me and I’ll just pay for it!!! 8 years ago

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