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Integrity is the Key

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Be True To Myself

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Be True To Myself

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enigmatictruth 4 years ago

Decapolis 6 years ago

bbswife 4 months ago

sofilee 6 years ago

jodiesharp7 5 months ago

ZoeNoodle 5 months ago

Ivan GefenUntitled

I am flexible, happy and compassionate. I am accepting myself despite acting greedy, lonely, sad and anxious. 7 months ago

Ivan GefenManipulations- What I ask of others I must ask from myself. If I ask you to be different, I open the door to you asking me to be different.

Hiding the truth, being duplicitous, anxious, wanting it both ways. Expecting perfection, praise, attention, an easy way out, no challenges, obedience. 8 months ago

Ivan GefenFACTS

I am caring, strong, committed, dutiful, honest, empathic, courageous, quick acting, focused, determined, calm, encouraging, intelligent, inspiring, wise at times, organized, forward thinking, artistic, creative, hopeful, happy, appreciative, vulnerable, do what is truly in my heart, hard working.

I am lazy, ill intentioned, neurotic, over analytic, defensive, intolerant, easy to distract, overly optimistic, unrealistic, mean sometimes, short tempered, stubborn, overly honest, dishonest, overly kind sometimes, afraid, overcomplicated, disorganized, and escapist. 8 months ago

Ivan GefenParaphrase

“One of the things with falling down is that you get reminded of how horrific greed is, and I can tell you that compared with reciprocity, greed is dark, destructive and repetitive.” Greed uses me like an animal. I am a beast with no reason, no limits, no standards. My impossible appetite chains down the humanity of my being. I don’t want to be just a “dumb” animal acting abominably because I lack sensitivity or conscience. How can an ass be taught? 9 months ago

Ivan GefenBoundaries. I do my part. You do yours.

irritability with clients and coworkers about petty things, petty rules, petty recognitions. Sigh. Am I really this small?

Willing to just be there for a client. Just listen. Got backlash. 10 months ago

vale22 10 months ago

Ivan GefenSaturday

I am strong in someways, weak in others. I am creative and stubborn when I want to win. I am creatively weak and pathetic when I want to lose. I need to be more present. 10 months ago


Ongoing suppositions about what I do and who I am that seems lasting . . . 11 months ago

Ivan Gefenstuff

I am caring. fair. just. kind. nonjudgemental. accomodating. believing. paitent. irritable. cranky. mean. rude. blunt. unthinking. demanding. resourceful. slow 11 months ago

Ivan GefenUntitled

I am caring, hopeful, scared, arrogant, kind, demanding, lonely, loved, creative, inflexible, repressed, sad, grateful, hungry, committed, growing, middle aged, appreciated, admired, respected, believed, scattered, selfish, sacrificing, resentful, wounded, passive, not telepathic, don’t know everything, can’t save everyone, can’t love everyone, hated, disliked, resented, teased, over analytic. 11 months ago

Ivan GefenThe Truth

I am smart, helpful, kind, beautiful, appropriate, reassuring, safe, strong, and aware. 11 months ago

Ivan Gefen Manipulations

I have wanted others to be different than they actually are, to be more kind, more in tune with my thoughts and needs, to serve me, to conform to me. What I ask of others I must ask from myself. If I ask you to be different, I open the door to you asking me to be different. This is a hard thing to SEE much less to let go of. I will continue to notice how I am expecting things of others contrary to their own best interest. I will also work on not thinking I am the center of the universe. In this way I will stop bending myself to get my needs met. 11 months ago

Ivan GefenWays I manipulate

food, attention, chores, volume, to make ma comfortable, not to have to obey. 11 months ago

Ivan GefenFACT

I am kind. I am strong, I don’t quit until something is done. I have my flaws. Sometimes I am lazy. I believe things work out for the best. 11 months ago

Ivan GefenThe Truth

I am perceptive. I am good at explaining complex things. I like studying neuro-psych, and psycho pathology. I like listening. I like challenging. I can make good decisions weighing all the facts. I can live with the consequences. I don’t want to live life “asleep.” 12 months ago

Ivan GefenIn a nutshell of true me

I am loving, creative, gentle, kind, loved and strong. 12 months ago

Ivan GefenSunday's Point of Honesty

I am happy doing what I am doing but I feel burnt out sometimes. 12 months ago

Reese315 15 months ago

Laura BloomfieldBe true to myself and why now...

I always thought I was true to myself….but I have got myself in a situation where I am not being true to myself and it is eating me up on a much too regular basis!

I have allowed someone into my life who I pretty much dispise in many ways, from her morals to parenting skills – I have stuck to it because of the group of friends she is in. I honestly thought I could hack it but the more I spend time with her the more I detest the situation.

I am not the only one who feels like this and usually I would be fine to say when I don’t agree with her – but not only do I never get the chance – whenever I have it hasn’t been taken on board.

The only thing is…..one of the other girls in the group feels exactly the same way I do…..but has said not to say anything as it would be difficult for the group but she doesn’t seem to see how difficult it has become for me. I am now in the position that I know I have to not spend time with her because whT she is doing at the moment is illegal and I would have to say something – but I am at risk of losing friends because it would be made difficult for everyone else – so, to be true to myself…....

I am going to be friends with people who want to be my friend and where I want to be theirs!! I want to feel I can have open conversations And stand true to what I believe in with like minded people! 17 months ago

Laura Bloomfield 17 months ago

dreamalot4ever 18 months ago

Brownian 18 months ago

aznarob 7 years ago

annjaay 1 year ago

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