overcome my eczema

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more insights…. in chinese medicine, the liver stands for hun (the heavenly soul) which is about trusting the universe, focusing intentions. hun provides propulsion to change, and is about expression of our emotional self to the fullest. creative expression helps here as does the ability to forgive oneself and others. and appropriate expression of our emotions of course.

a lack of this energy shows as stagnated, retained anger, because of which we cannot move forward, depression, lack of courage, no feeling of purpose in our lives, frustration.

omigod i can’t believe how accurate this all is/was. i was a master at repressing my feelings and who i really was. even repressed my art for the sake of my career. now i know exactly how to change. i’m so grateful to my body for showing me so beautifully what has been going wrong. thank you. 8 years ago

nitzscheanger / kindness / boundaries

did some really interesting research about this lately. apparently eczema is connected with the liver not functioning at its optimum. i looked up the emotional correlation to liver – lo and behold – it is about kindness, not only to others, also to yourself. about respecting your own boundaries. something i have struggled with all my life – i have always let others override me, even though inside me something was screaming: NOOOOO ! i can actually correlate particularly bad episodes of eczema with particularly bad episodes of forcing myself to ignore my boundaries and being angry at myself for it.
i think i’m really on to something here. and guess what, the moment you are kind to yourself you can be so much more genuinely kind to others too. 8 years ago

nitzscheinternal changes

battling chronic skin eruptions for 15 years. seen about every kind of doctor on this planet. finally i am realising i have to make some internal changes for it to leave me for good. i want to be healthy. so, strict wholefood diet, exercise and meditation for me. anyone else overcome this on their own do get in touch. 8 years ago

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