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Embrrich 3 months ago

TashaBlue 3 years ago

dallen30 10 months ago

user15831 2 years ago

alanamaomao 16 months ago

obeyme96 18 months ago

Julieanime 21 months ago

swinglifeaway316 1 year ago

swinglifeaway316I would

like a part-time job to go with my full-time job. I don’t have a lot of energy most days but I do want to get my loans paid ASAP. 1 year ago

Nick H 2 years ago

TashaBlueApplied for a bunch of jobs on Friday

at the county government level – the hiring freeze must have ended. I really really want one of them… but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

They asked me to take a typing test on the spot, and I did well, so that’s nice. 2 years ago

Dannie Phan 2 years ago

eva Ying 2 years ago

TashaBlueGood article from Mashable

About putting up online resumes:


I still need help with mine. Plan to try some admin agencies next week; hopefully they can give advice as well as help find some temp work. 2 years ago

TashaBlueHmm. :(

Well, I didn’t hear back, and it’s been a week. I’ll make a phone call Wednesday (I figure Tuesday will be busy for a store manager after a holiday weekend) and then leave it at that.

Disappointed, though. 2 years ago

S.E.So, that's why my hours were cut?

Around the second week I was working, my head manager told me I could let customers use one of our coupons AND a competitor coupon in the same day, as long as they were on separate transactions.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, and admittedly sometimes I’ve let customers use more than one of our coupons in the same day because I didn’t want them to make a scene. I can own up to knowingly doing wrong in this case.

But – about the our coupon and competitor coupon issue – today I was told that we’re NEVER allowed to take one of our coupons and a competitor coupon from the same customer on the same day. The rule is one coupon PERIOD.

So instead of giving me the correct info to begin with, or correcting me within the first weeks of my employment (on both the competitor coupon issue and letting customers use more than one of our coupons), they’ve been tight mouthed about it – and I’m suspecting they’ve cut my hours because of what I was doing.

I’m really, really not happy there. The only appealing thing about the place is the prospect of getting jewelry materials on a discount to make things that I could sell online with my sister. But then again I know nothing about making jewelry – it’s really not a realistic goal at this time – so there really isn’t anything appealing about the place.

Right now I’m desperately hoping that I get the unsub loan for summer semester that I’ve asked for, so I could possibly put in a two weeks notice. :-( 2 years ago

TashaBlueWent to a group-interview thingie yesterday

For a retail chain I’d love to work for. Thank you note goes in the mail tomorrow a.m., and I hope to hear something by the end of the week.

Otherwise, I will apply to a couple more retail places online today, and start to contact admin placement agencies this week. 2 years ago

S.E.This isn't going well...

My hours were cut, about two weeks ago, and now I’m working on average two days a week for about 5 hours a pop. It’s not enough. :-(

This is a good opportunity to try freelancing, I think, but of course I’m still afraid of not being good enough. I do know that I really can’t stand working for big corporations, though… and I really can’t stand authority that doesn’t do its job right.

I might as well keep my sad excuse for a part-time job and start doing my own thing on the side. 2 years ago

lalalazylenasent out some resumes

This whole thing is not what I expected. I suppose now I just want to be independent and earn my own living. I’m tired of relying on others. I’ll get there I suppose. 2 years ago

lalalazylena 2 years ago

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