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Sandy GabrielliOh this guy - for anyone with a goal to learn to weld, see what happens

Watched this vimeo video today about a guy that just built stuff and made a great place to play in the woods next to his restaurant. I would so love to go there. I just cringed to watch him use tools though. 14 months ago

Sandy GabrielliBike Party

There was a San Jose Bike Party event that went through our downtown last night. Thousands of people rode from Sunnyvale, through Mountain View and Palo Alto and back. My boyfriend and his buddy went along. I don’t enjoy riding in the dark because I can’t see in the dark very well. I thought it would be only about 100 people but it was so crazy!

Ran alongside for a while and shot some video. I have to learn to giggle without cackling. The reference to “Don’t do it” was because a car was thinking about turning onto the street with all the bikes, but changed its mind. Ran into so many people who were downtown and caught by surprise that were trying to figure it all out. That was really fun.

My boyfriend came back after 3 hours with video that he took while riding. Its hysterical. You can hear a crazy bike trailer boombox, cheering people on their front lawns, and see blinking taillights everywhere.

Was watching the twitter feeds and one of the stops was in a parking lot with an In-n-Out, McDonalds and Costco. Boyfriend said there were food trucks and vendors selling tshirts too. I liked the idea of an unexpected 1000+ bike riders showing up at In-n-Out.

I think that people want fun and are willing to create it. Our generation of kids was the last to be able to go out innocently with their friends and bike ride for hours. There is that little child in us. This generation is looking for that.

I also realize that people who don’t live in cities are probably wondering what the heck gets into people to make them do these things. I think about my rural family members shaking their heads is disbelief.

This is fun. Even fun to watch. 16 months ago

Sandy GabrielliNumber 3

These were at the street fair in our downtown this week. Adults couldn’t be in them. Darn. 19 months ago

Sandy GabrielliMy favorite blog is back

Hyperbole and a Half is back from a horrible depression.

Oh so gooooood. 19 months ago

Sandy GabrielliOh the Maker Faire is almost here!

Its almost time for the Maker Faire again. I’m so excited. We generally take our bikes on Caltrain and spend the day just enjoying the creativity. Whew hew. Such a party. 20 months ago

Sandy GabrielliA bird blowing raspberries?

I love listening to birds. Its what gets me up early in the day because thats when they are noisy, except in springtime. I try to maintain a stable sleep schedule because I think it makes me think more clearly and it allows me to wedge in some creative time in an otherwise work centered life.

Right before I go to bed, I make myself a cup of tea and have opened the kitchen window to let in fresh air now that its Spring. Turns out that we have a bachelor mockingbird that has moved into the neighborhood. He’s a loud one! I think he’s young because they learn about 40 songs as they age. He knows 10.

He was up singing loud as a guy in a Camaro with subwoofers making my car vibrate in the next lane. So I thought about that and realized that its sort of the same thing. The guy that does that to his car is trying to attract females but his song is more like “Creepin” by Chamillionaire. There are even a whole slew of youtube videos that list the best base in your trunk collections. “21 best songs for subwoofers” Since I’m old, I don’t really know the coolest cars these days but yep, same thing, male people, male mockingbirds.

So here is the thing. I was up until 2am listening to this mockingbird. Thats the time I usually wake up for my middle of the night pee. He’s a 24 hour partier. I love, love, love listening to him and couldn’t sleep. My boyfriend is on a different schedule and he wakes up for his middle of the night pee at 7am. So we both woke up this morning and I told him that I could hear the mockingbird already.

My boyfriend said, “I can’t hear him, but I bet he’s saying Pthhhh. He’s saying you guys don’t get to sleep. Oh yeah, he’s saying Neehner, Neehner, Neehner.”

I was trying to both be quiet so my boyfriend could resume his sleep and listen for the bird and by god it did say Neehner, Neehner, Neehner.

I got up, made coffee, and started my day. Opened the window next to my desk. I can still hear him traveling the neighborhood this morning if my distance hearing estimation is correct. Can’t get the Neehner, Neehner out of my head because he keeps saying it. 20 months ago

gitana17 20 months ago

Sandy GabrielliSquirrel photos

My daughter sent me a link to this blog by a photographer that sets up funny sets for squirrels that have to do with the holidays. I love this. 21 months ago

Sandy GabrielliGardening for salads and edible flowers class

I took a class at Common Ground yesterday about how to grow stuff for salads. It was really fun and kinda magical. The lady was sort of a fairy gardner, at least thats how she described her lettus planting strategy. She said she just lets some of it go to seed then waves the branches around to spread the seeds and the lettus grows where it likes. That was one of the many methods she shared. She also overstuffed a basket with cutting herbs, lettuses and edible flowers. It was beautiful and yummy. She also passed a whole bunch of different plants around and the 20 or so people pick off pieces and ate bits. It was yummy.
A really beautiful thing that she did was cut up a couple of pink rosebuds into little strips and throw that on top of the salad. It looked like confetti. Yummy too.
Today I will start seeds and turn some ground. 21 months ago

Sandy GabrielliMarch 2

I think I should make it March 2. Thats Dr. Suess’s birthday. I will send her Dr. Suess books every year. 21 months ago

Sandy GabrielliThe non-mocking unbirthday card

My daughters new mother-in-law accidentally texted me last week to wish me a happy birthday. It wasn’t my birthday and I knew immediately that she thought she had texted someone else. I really wanted to talk to her since we hadn’t talked for a while, so I ignored the whole “accidentall texting someone by mistake” and “birthday” thing and pretended that she had really wanted to text me. I did text her right back with information that would make her realize that I was someone else, casually. It seemed like the kind thing. Then I just went on talking like nothing was wrong. Eventually she figured out who I was and was sort of worried. She asked me when my real birthday was after she had figured out who it was. I told her that I always mix up birthdays and I’d never ever tell her my real birthday because it would ruin it and now she’ll always have to celebrate my birthday on that day along with her friend with the same name.

In addition, I’ve decided to start sending her a birthday card on the same random day each year. I went to the store this evening and got her a card and I think I may even send a gift. I have planned to send it on St. Patricks day but April 1 might be better.

Am I wrong? 21 months ago

Sandy GabrielliThe Endeavor Flyover

I managed to drag my boyfriend out of bed and get down to the area near Moffet Field and Google yesterday just in time to see the Shuttle flyover.

What felt so good was seeing all of the kids and overhearing everyones comments. People didn’t cheer, which I expected. They just watched and took photos. It was beautiful. 2 years ago

Sandy GabrielliRock of Ages - I had that hair and those clothes - What was I thinking?

A rare movie review from me. The horror!

LOVED “Rock of Ages”! A sure cult classic had the ladies in the row behind us giggling and saying the lines. We almost walked out in the first 15 minutes but on the way home we were laughing harder than we had in years. I keep watching the trailers and bursting into tears and gasping laughter. Stay til the end.

Nobody can sing. An absolute must see.

In the word of others -

In the words of Leonard Pinth-Garnell, “There… That wasn’t so good now, was it?” 2 years ago

Sandy Gabriellihomemade backyard rollercoasters

This is a perfect example of how to keep your kids busy while letting them do something sort of dangerous. I really like the whole pool and basketball thing too. Let the lack of space not stop you either. There are a handful of videos of these online. 2 years ago

Sandy GabrielliSendak and Colbert discuss childrens books

This was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Colbert.

Part 2—2

is even funnier than

Part 1—1 2 years ago

Sandy GabrielliThings to make with food

Found some great projects for the weekend. One is a gingerbread house thats really a marble run. Edible marble run. Theres a video.

The other is a marshmallow catapult.

The devil makes work for idle hands. 2 years ago

Sandy GabrielliIts Friday Friday Friday - party party fun fun

I’m going to set my wake up alarm on Fridays to be “Fridays” by Rebecca Black. Such a great way to start the day. 2 years ago

Sandy GabrielliUsing up my napster credits

I got a notice that Napster had merged with Rapsody and now I will lose my playlist. I have an account that allows me to pay $15 every 3 months and download 15 mps’s. It about right. I don’t need much more than that. Thats going to go away and my hard created playlists will disappear. So I will buy some songs today. I load ed some things that I would not usually listen to and grabbed out my favorites.

Was surprised to find an album by Hugh Laurie(“House”). Interesting and pretty good. May keep one song. 3 years ago

Sandy Gabriellijust in case

We made a pact in that early morning moment when you aren’t quite awake enough to know whether or not you’re still asleep and your body is not quite ready to upright itself…
we faced each other , assumed the position of the most elegant ballroom pair to be tilted 90degrees – right hands joined to show my white glove and his cuff linc.
His left arm around my waist, hand resting on my spine-
My left arm, resting gently along his until my other dainty hand just lightly cuped his shoulder.
In those moments of dusty, crack in the window-shade swords of light we vowed that this is how they’d find us if a volcano suddenly erupted and we were frozen for eternity under ash.

Then we giggled. 3 years ago

Sandy GabrielliMissing fun and happy goal

I was missing a fun and happy goal and this one looks like a very useful one so I’m borrowing it. Also, Dr Seuss is very wise. 3 years ago

Sandy Gabrielli 3 years ago

AnneSexton 3 years ago

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