grow and care for my tiny backyard garden

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wembleyheads 4 years ago

wembleyheadsgrow adaptability instead

I’m doing a better job at gardening my parents’ yard hours away than my garden across the street! Yikes! The seedlings are gone and the larger plants are begging for attention.

Strike one: The garden is in my landlord’s old yard across from me (he just bought and moved into the house beside me instead). Since planting last month, the water supply has been reconfigured and I have not figured it out.

Strike two: Spending spare time on wildlife rehab, visiting family, and outdoors to see a lot of birds… :D

Strike three, the only real strike: My roommate is job-seeking in another city, near his sister. He’s had callbacks, so this is likely a matter of time. We are month-to-month, so I hang between status quo and quick change: find a new, random roommate, or move to an apartment.

Since I don’t know what will happen, letting go of my investment and attachment the garden will make moving out of this house (which I love) less painful, if/when necessary. I suppose the flexible answer is to move a few things into pots!

Missing the ground to put down roots… one of my only frustrations. 2 years ago


pulled so many weeds there was a rash on my arms for hours! Cleared enough space for several rows, and found some lettuce, cilantro, carrots and parsley that came up from last year. Planted early blood turnip beets, rainbow chard, and vienna green kohlrabi from seed. Also one best boy tomato and one large cherry tomato plant, one red chard plant and one basil plant. What a lovely afternoon of sunshine!

Need to figure out where the water hose hooks up and get some juice on these bad boys :) Also, need seeds for a few other things on my list, and take out the compost. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsThe planting clock is ticking!

This weekend is going to be soggy. It drizzled steadily today, and even had moments of small hail. I suppose it’s good that I don’t have seedlings to get beaten down yet, but I had planned to plant mid-February. I’m so late!!!

  • reassess what can be planted now
  • talk to the landlord again (the garden will be in his backyard across the street)
  • get seeds and fertilizer this weekend
  • see what I can get done Monday afternoon when we are predicted to have a respite from the rain

Muddy galoshes, here I come! 2 years ago

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