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spend less time on the internet

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Today went pretty well. I didn’t check the time I spent online, but it didn’t seem a lot. No browsing at all and no blogs, mostly work-related stuff. 6 days ago


Had slept so badly that I was tired throughout the day and didn’t feel like using internet at all all except from some time in the evening. 6 days ago


Today I forgot my 30 mins limitation in the morning! I got stuck reading news and entries on 43Things (which for certain gave me a lot of inspiration, so the time didn’t feel wasted). I am not sure how much time I spent online in the morning, maybe an hour or more. But at least I then kept away from internet until 6.30 pm, with the exception of bank errands and some work-related stuff. 6 days ago

RhoswenFirst day with less internet time

The morning session worked out quite well. I used up my max 30 mins time and a few minutes more, but nothing to fuss about. Here’s what I used my morning time on; (not interesting for anyone else, but I am documenting it to understand my surf habits & time-consuming traps better.)

Checked two major evening papers (no substantial news there, mostly so called sensational articles as usual.)
Checked my two email accounts. Nothing important there.
Checked in on 43Things, not much new there either, but I still read some entries and probably spent more time there than I was aware of.
Spent a few minutes on Etsy, looking at art.

The first time during the day I noticed I missed internet was when I got home from a tiresome food-shopping & errand trip around 2 pm. I wanted to get connected and spend some time online just to relax. Luckliy I didn’t allow myself to do so, instead I decided to meditate. I also transcribed a part of my novel that was handwritten into a word-document.

I was busy the rest of the afternoon so I didn’t go online until 7 pm. At that time I was really looking forward to it – a lot must have happened since the morning! It turns out it hadn’t. No one had missed me and nothing exciting had happened. The internet had done just fine without me & I without it. 1 week ago

RhoswenTime to dust off this goal again

I find myself once again spending too much time on the internet – even if I am well aware of how that makes me feel.

I could do so many more productive things – exercise, meet people in real life, focus on my writing, improve my bass-playing, clean the house…the list goes on.

As before I am spending too much time on reading catastrophic news that makes me worried, looking through shopping sites where I don’t buy anything and read a few blogs that I can do without.

So, from now on I’ll have at the most 30 mins personal internet time in the morning and then I am not allowed to use internet other than for work-related stuff before 6 pm. (This goes for Monday – Friday, in the weekends I will be a little less restrictive.)

I’ll just have to be determined and adamant about this. I’ll give reports every day to make sure I follow the plan. It will free so much time to use for other purposes, not to mention how much calmer I will feel. 1 week ago

user1394957877 4 weeks ago

halpert7Internet at home

Great article about cutting off the internet at home: http://www.theminimalists.com/internet/. Definitely thinking about doing this! My only hesitancy is watching netflix before bed….hrmmmm. I would much rather read before bed anyways, but it’s hard when you just started a really good series! I also have thought about cutting off the internet on my phone. I love being able to look up places when I’m driving and directions, but I hate feeling like a slave to it when I’m bored in traffic or standing in line. 3 months ago


I gave up becous I understood that the first enemy is procrastinations. Because of procrastination, I spend a lot of time on the internet. So, I’ll face it before. Spending less time on the internet will be a natural consequence. 3 months ago


I used to read a lot of books. I used to go out. I used to make sport. I used to write. Now all my free time is on the internet. It’s so addictive, I can’t help it. For the first week, I’ll track my time. Every time I’m on the internet, I’ll write what websites I’m visiting, then I’ll ask if they really were useful. 3 months ago

redbackpack 3 months ago

seanchaidhthe 3 months ago


com_agent9559 4 months ago

StorkeyGet off the Internet!

Am failing right now as I type this. Get off the damn Internet :) 5 months ago


Fail tonight. Big plans to do some practical work on goals but after a few other things took up time tonight, what was left over (still quite a bit of time) was spent on the Internet…aarrrggg!

Oh Internet, you are such a seductive temptress! 5 months ago

StorkeyEasier to read about something then do it

I am hopeless without the Internet. It is like my favourite thing in the world I am coming to realise. Well, at least one of my most favourite.

I have a LUST for learning and the Internet is just one big university. But the problem is, I have millions of interests so all the reading means I never actually get ahead on anything in a practical way.

If only I could choose just one or two things to work on and just smash them all the time – imagine where I would be? But I want to do everything, and this splits time and focus into millions of little pieces. 5 months ago

butohdancer 2 years ago

uncommonlibrarian 6 months ago

Kaley 4 years ago

DeanTime management

I gotta set a max time limit so that I don’t waste so much valuable time. Maybe 15 mins to check on here and give away all my cheers along with FB. And if it is something too important that takes more than an hour, I will take a 15 min break to prevent eye strain because I strongly desire to improve my eyesight. I. Must. Do. This. 7 months ago

Dean 7 months ago

masterit 4 years ago


I’ve been struggling with this for years so I am going to start taking it one day a time, otherwise, I won’t get anywhere with this goal. Today, I will spend no more than an hour online. I need to study hard and as much as I enjoy using the internet, it does not help me with my goals. 8 months ago

Hyacinth Girl 8 months ago

Asmassia_1 8 months ago

zlatakaran 9 months ago


I don’t spend THAT much time online, at least compared to other people in this day & age; I don’t even have a smartphone! But, I do check my Facebook & email multiple times a day & I do have a Tumblr (however I only check that for a few minutes once every week or two). But, I do spend a lot of time researching things obsessively online. I’d like to spend an hour or less on the internet a day. Ideally I’d like to spend 3 hours or less on here a week. While the internet is full of hilarious videos, insightful quotes & cool pictures, I’d way rather be out in the real world have real life experiences than sitting in my room on my laptop. 10 months ago

sharrell93 10 months ago

Joshua Burwell 11 months ago

sthaopas 11 months ago

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