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redstar 4 months ago

Froggilee 6 months ago

qglasCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, Anthony & Joe Russo

Went with the ladies & a good friend of ours to see this. All of us were pretty nervous about it, as Winter Soldier is such a beloved storyline. They 100% did it justice. The tweaks were understandable (and I think they may have paved the way to straighten some of them out in the next installment) and the most important moments went from page to screen flawlessly.

Also dear god, gun show. Triple-feature Chris Evans/Anthony Mackie/Frank Grillo gun show Dear god. 8 months ago

qglasDiabolique, Henri-Georges Clouzot

A classic that spent far too long on my “to-watch” list, I think because the 90s remake put me off it. Which is a shame, because this was excellent. Well-crafted, well-acted, and I definitely agree with a summary calling it “The greatest film that Alfred Hitchcock never made.” 8 months ago

qglasThe Vanishing, George Sluizer

I appreciate the unconventional structure here very much, but for me it also serves to undermine a lot of the tension. Loved the acting, loved the kidnapper both in concept and performance.

Incidentally, I also loved finding out how this film ended. The first time I tried watching it back in college, there was a little drunken blip about halfway through and I woke up watching Star Wars. That did not happen this time. 8 months ago

qglasIn the Realm of the Senses, Nagisa Oshima

Nope. Not feeling it. I mean, I totally get why this was important and groundbreaking cinema at the time, but on its own it just doesn’t hold up. You wouldn’t think an hour and a half of hardcore sex could be so monotonous. 8 months ago

qglasThe Tin Drum, Volker Schlöndorff

I had mixed feelings about this, likely because it’s based on a book I’m extremely fond of. It’s a quite faithful recreation of the first half of the novel, and a skillful one both in acting and directing, especially given the kind of surreal subject matter and age/size challenges they had to work with. I’m sure if I hadn’t read the book, I would have been completely satisfied with the movie. But as it is, there’s just so much of the narrative that they couldn’t include, the fullness of the wit and satire and audacity and characterization. 8 months ago

qglasCronos, Gulliermo del Toro

del Toro’s first feature film—what it lacks in pacing and plotting, it more than makes up for in originality and heart. Holds up well and great to see a younger Ron Perlman. 9 months ago

qglas300: Rise of an Empire, Noam Murro

Twice as bloody, half as compelling—but solidly mindless, over-the-top ridiculous entertainment, and I certainly didn’t expect it to live up to the original. Stunning costumes for Artemisia, and I really enjoyed having a badass female villain who can’t be swayed with emotion or convinced to go soft.

P.S. Someday Zack Snyder and/or Frank Miller will not ruin things I am enjoying with awful, pointless rape scenes. Someday. But not today. 9 months ago

qglasSome goals for this goal

I have watched a lot of movies since starting this goal, and none of them have made it to entries here. I think that’s because I want this goal to mean something. I could sit and Netflix-binge on crap for two straight days and complete this, but that’s really not accomplishing anything even for a goal that’s mostly for fun. And beyond just being for fun, I’d also like this to kind of be a nudge back into some of the really cool stuff I used to be into. I’d like to get back into really being into movies and not just having them on in the background. So, movies will count towards this goal if they are:

  • Chosen for their value as films—thought-provoking, artistic, original, etc. I’d love to get back into arthouse and foreign movies.
  • Chosen for their value as terrible movies—not just putting on random crap but getting back into my love of b-movies and cult classics and appreciating them.
  • Something I go out to see at the movies or with friends—something that’s more social and about creating good memories.

That still leaves a ton of flexibility, but I think is a more conscious and enriching goal. 9 months ago

qglasInsidious 2, James Wan

This suffered from a lot of plot issues—too-obvious attempts to double back and tie old plot threads to new (the same issue Wan and Wannell got worse and worse with in their Saw films), way too much on one plate, and everything wrapped up much too neatly and explained too fully when the biggest appeal of the first film was filling in the blanks on the most bizarre, disturbing images of the other realm. This really just felt like an average horror movie that someone connected some dots and turned into a sequel to something else.

That said, it had some solidly frightening moments, Wilson was clearly having the time of his life in this performance, and the mise-en-scène was artful and stunning. I can’t believe that kind of deliberate framing and attention to color, pattern, and light went into a mainstream horror sequel. 11 months ago

SpyrunnerHobbit an Unexpected Journey

I promised my son to take him to see the Hobbit 2, but only after I watched the first one. It was well done, but I can’t believe they made a 250 page book three 3 hour movies. 11 months ago


A wonderful Disney animated movie. Highly recommended. I watched this with my family on Christmas eve. 12 months ago

SpyrunnerGrown ups

I saw this movie in a department store and had to see it. It was funny and a feel good movie featuring many SNL alumni. 15 months ago

Spyrunnerbatman begins

This is how Bruce Wayne becomes Batmam. Enjoyable. My son didn’t like it too much. My kids just love watching comic book movies and i’m sure I’ll see more of them soon. 17 months ago

SpyrunnerThe Avengers

This is probably the best movie based on comics. I’m glad I watched the movie Thor first. 18 months ago

SpyrunnerGroove Tube (1974)

One of the few movies from a list of Crass Comedies that I have not seen.

It’s only been on Youtube for two weeks and only 179 people have watched it, so don’t be surprised if copyright infringements get it removed.

The movie was a bunch of skits making fun of things that were popular in the 70’s. Chevy Chase and Richard Belzer appear in it. It was not worth watching it, except that to complete the list. 18 months ago

SpyrunnerThe Hangover Part II

My stomach hurts from laughing too much. Wonderful sequel. 18 months ago

Spyrunner 2 years ago

neishababe1 20 months ago

iamevoxus 2 years ago


“from prada to nada” – i loved this movie. its one of those chick flicks, no ones prob never heard of with no famous actors/resses. but it was sooo good and entertaining, and romantic. 21 months ago


What a silly movie. My BIL said it was good, but it was slow moving then the action moved too fast and you couldn’t really tell what was happening. The effects were cool. 21 months ago

iamevoxus41 & 42

last night i watched “one flew over the cuckoos nest”. really interesting, funny as well as sad old movie.

tonight i watched “lola versus” chick flick… nice enough. nothign too amazing. 22 months ago

iamevoxus39 & 40

“sex & the city 2” movie…. in my opinion, not as good as the first movie. but still enjoyable non the less. there are some hillarious scenes. love sex and the city. so gutted its over. but i have all the seasons and the 2 movies so i can watch it agian in future if i want. which i will def do :)

“the back up plan”.... ok. wouldnt watch again. 22 months ago

iamevoxus37 & 38

another year


500 days of summer 22 months ago

iamevoxus35 & 36

i watched the first “sex and the city movie” 2 nights ago! loved it.

and i watched “hes jsut not that into you last night” which was awesome too. loved it too.

yes i love my chick flicks and rom coms what can i say… :) 22 months ago


doesnt count, cos i have already put this one in the list, but i watched W./E again last night, as i hadnt watched it in aobut 8 months i think. only the 2nd time i watched it. its my favourite movie. the story aobut the love affair of king edward and wallis simpson. as well as a modern day love story.

oh how i love that movie. i found myself thinking aobut it, and how amazing the story is, and how awesome all the actors were in it, but most of all, i was seeking inspiration in what the 2 female leads were wearing as i just loved the outfits in the movie. so i gave in and watched it again. twas great! really good to watch again. 22 months ago


watched les miserables with my gay cousin about 3 weeks ago. he wanted to watch it and asked me to come along as no one else wanted to watch this particualr movie with him, not even his bf or sister or other friends. i guess its not everyones kind of movie perhaps, and being a musical is offputting to some perhaps.

however it was really good, once i got used to the musical aspect of it. very sad and touching, amazing performances by all! super impressed.

was funny, cos tho it was sad and all… i didnt cry, yet my cousin and the 2 girls we didnt know who were sitting next to him, were bawling their eyes out from a bout half way through it… lol i thought that was funny lol… one of the girls even smiled at my cousin and offered him a tissue! lol in my head i was thinking everyone get a grip! what can i say im a tough cookie when i want to be. it was a sad movie, but so wonderfully done, and also hopeful and triumphant in the end. i only had a tiny tear when the little boy got killed, but then i got over it and continued to enjoy all that happened. the actual storyline is really good. it was a long detailed movie, but not once was i bored, wishing it would be over. very pleased my cousin asked me to watch it with him.

but yea was really enjoyable. i reccomend for everyone. 22 months ago

SpyrunnerFollow Me Boys

A long feel-good movie about scouting with Fred MacMurray. 22 months ago

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