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themartaMy bird watching dream

I would love to get a glimpse of a painted bunting one day. 2 weeks ago

themarta 17 months ago

Bob1623I just saw

Sister Simone Campbell on the Colbert Report. (She actually got the best of Steven too.)

I’d really like to see a female pope. I think it is time. Sister Simone would make a good pope. 22 months ago

Bob1623On Bikes

Last week, me, my son and his wife went on a little bike ride back and forth between our homes. (They live about 10 miles from me.)

It made me think, wouldn’t it be nice to see our whole family riding together on bikes?

And then, wouldn’t it be nice to see our neighborhoods riding together?

And then, maybe both our towns people getting on bikes and riding together.

And how about seeing everyone in Rochester NY on bikes riding?

And then maybe, everyone in New York State getting on a bike and riding all together?

And then everyone in the whole United States of America getting on bikes and riding.

And then to see everyone in the whole world, riding bikes together?

Wouldn’t that be cool to see?

Because did you ever see anyone on a bike who did not have a big smile on their face? 22 months ago

Bob1623Flying Cars

I remember as a kid (and that was a long time ago) magazines and TV said we would soon have flying cars and highways would take on a much different look.

Well, where are the flying cars? And how about jet packs too? Maybe that is a different entry. 2 years ago

Bob1623Winter X Games

in person. I watch these on TV every chance I get, but to see the awesome things these athletes do in person would be so cool.

I want to know how they learned to turn gravity off. 2 years ago

Bob1623My Friends

I want to see P and M work out their differences and become the happy couple. They are so good for one another; they need each other, but there is something that makes things not work.

I hope they figure it out. They are my good friends (P may be the best friend I have ever had) and I want them to be happy. 2 years ago

Bob1623Ride Her Bike

I want to see my wife ride the bike I bought her last year. She said she really wanted a bike, but got scared the time she tried to ride last summer. I hope she tries this spring.

It would be nice to ride together. 4 years ago

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