rid my life of "emotional vampires."

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Emotional Vampires

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Hambam2The german girl update

Ok, so the german girl laughed at me a few days ago with another girl from my class making me feel like a weirdo… I didn’t respond… other than that… she hasn’t really been that bad… but she is so motivated it’s a little unnerving. I can’t trust her fully cuz well…hitler… but I don’t want any more tension int he class than there already is… so she’s grande… 14 months ago

Hambam2Emotional vampire detected!

This total jealous cow in my class. I have detected her. However, I am stuck with her for four long years. There are only 7 in our class and we spend most days together every day.

What she has done:
none stop filthy looks…whenever I feel good be sure she’ll be there to put me down; its pure jealousy though! Like when I laughed at her joke she looked at another bitch as if to say: what a freak!
When I was quite blatently being nice?
Stuck with her for four years??? ehhh
It’s made me so uncomfortable in the class; and i just can’t relax around her; I just want her away from me! But she’s always fucking there!

Suggestions anyone?? 14 months ago

Hambam2oh well...

The german girl might have transfered to our class; I guess she’ll have to behave :) 15 months ago

Hambam2racists in my class

I’ve identified three definite racists in my class:
1 latvian
1 lithuanian and
1 german.

It’s not anything they’ve said; it’s just obvious

Plan is not to speak one word to them :)
Luckily they’re all in the other section of the class and we don’t share all of our classes; and next year we’ll be split up :) 15 months ago


I really feel like a ‘supportive’ group of friends…or even one person can make SUCH a huge difference in your life. If you feel like you can trust someone wholly it lifts pressure both mental and physical off your back. I suffer from major anemia, chronic dizziness and multiple other illnesses; all stress induced; However, having one person who can appreciate me and see my best and respect it; and in turn; respect me; is the best thing I could ask for. I felt it from my eye doctor today. I went in to her dizzy, about to faint, and told her that I think it might be something to do with my eyes. I just felt her support radiate and it really made me feel strong; and healthy; and I guess, just like somebody, even one person cares; and is doing the right thing :) It’s hard to explain but it made me feel good :) 15 months ago

Hambam2move out

My neighbors downstairs have been living down there for over 7 years… and I fucking HATE them!!! One of them is an unemployed BUM who worked in fucking Gameworld, and the other is a weirdo from the south who just cooks and does nothing else… pair of freaks… I need to move out or they need to…their in their thirties and married..GET A HOUSE!!! 21 months ago

candya89 4 years ago

Hambam2this is going to be more difficult than I thought...

They are literally everywhere like some sort of stalker…
If not in real life online… 2 years ago

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