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idkbrblolketchup hope

Local-place – thought they were a nice, Christian organization doing nice things. Then I noticed their sign… “H,” “O,” “P,” “E.” Wait – that’s not a “p!” Well that changes the pronunciation quite-a-bit!!! And now I notice the box-within-a-box device as well. (See my slightly-cropped unprofessional approximated pic.)

Standing at McDonalds thinking clown-thoughts like: I could fill this cup up with ketchup and drink it. Then my friend says something to-the-effect-of “drinking his ketchup!” (or something-related, like that)

Edit: different pic, including old pic
Edit: I spoke with them about that sign. They said someone else pointed it out too, and that they were going to change it.
. 8 months ago

idkbrblolfour all-too-true stories!

4:35 PM, Thu Mar. 13

Listening/surfing online…the stream chokes for several seconds; when my other page loads [but I wouldn’t suggest trusting that source], suddenly the audio-stream returns & the guest-speaker says: ”...Polly Klass case…” I think that’s what he said; it was kinda sudden, and I wasn’t listening closely. (Sad case, don’t know much at-all about it. It happened in Europe; right?)

&..., I remembered a time when I had a broken tape-measure. I took out the long piece of metal that the measurements were printed-on and rolled-it-up as tightly as I could, which was no-easy task! Anyway, it sat in my room somewhere for a few months until the exact moment when I was on the edge of sleep, when it decided to suddenly spring-open in a cacophony of off-key springy-twangs! Scared my brother too!

One of my jobs I needed “extensive” training for. First day was fine. But the second day we went in, and the first thing they said was, “they’re making some changes, what we told you yesterday is no-longer useful. We’re gonna start-over and do it this other way.” On the third day, the first thing they said was, “they’re making some more changes; what we told you yesterday is no-longer useful. We’re gonna start-over and do it this other way.” I thought, “Mmm, I’m not really happy about that, but what am I gonna do? I can’t keep-up with all these changes… Gotta try and learn. So on the fourth day, the first thing they said was, “they’re making even some more changes, what we told you the other days is no-longer useful. We’re gonna start-over and do it this other way!” I thought, “Cripes! That guy’s T-shirt is right – mean-people do suck! And, hey, they’re paying me for this! Keep trying.”
So on the last day of training – literally after the last-second, (after me not doing well on all the tests & such), everyone stood-up to leave, and then it hit me ... I thought: “I got-it!” I wanted to jump-up and say, “Oh – that’s-all?That’s easy!! But I didn’t. I wanted to wait and surprise the bosses. But then one of them took two of us, (me & a lady who I thought looked a little dumb & a little ugly), to an adjacent room and told us that since we were not doing well, we would have a slightly simpler job to do. Being told this right then and there, (after-having figured it out – after all that worrying), I was really kinda thinking about saying, “No, I understand it,” but I felt bad for that lady, and didn’t want her to feel singled-out. So I took my orders and went to work. Then they sent me to the area with the other workers and I soon figured-out that I was in with the regular workers; and I was, like, wait-a-minute, how did they know I knew? How could they possibly know that?

Then, last night, I was out walking, when I looked-ahead a few meters and I saw what I could only figure as a big ghost, (about 10’-by-10’!)(that’s 10 American feet). And I was like, What is a ghost doing out in this weather?! And then I saw a few-feet up-wind of that, I small amount of snow falling off the trees, and I was like, “Oh, just some snow falling-off some branches and that “ghost” was just the lightest part of it! Case-closed.
. 9 months ago

idkbrblol"That's weird..."

Stuff to study:
- the “last-place-you-look phenomenon [a.k.a. “give-up,-and-it-falls-in-your-lap”].
- the “thrown,-somehow,-between-the-trash-can-and-the-wall” phenomenon.
- the “throw-it-away-then-find-the-perfect-use-for-it” phenomenon.
- the “return-to-the-living-room-so-you-can-remember-why-you-went-to-the-kitchen” enigma.
- the “why-it’s-called-feed,-and-not-food” mystery.

the very-real: “looking-for-it, looking-for-it, looking-for-it… Oh,-I’m-holding-it; {face-palm}” phenomenon. ☺
. 9 months ago

idkbrblolghost ship

I cleaned a little and found a connector; so hopefully I can get a pic, (of a sketch), uploaded of a cloud(s) I saw on a very very hot day once – not only was it 100-degrees F., but we were working between two metal buildings!! (I came within an inch of quitting. I’d stopped sweating for 1/2 hour to an hour before, was pouring as much water as I could get into me & on me, but it was doing no good!) [Reminds me of a day a couple years ago I was working with my cousin on a similar day; poor guy looked so beaten I actually started considering throwing him off the roof just to save his life! I felt so sorry for him – he looked terrible – his only shade provided by Death hovering over him!!!]
Anyway, back to the ghost ship; last summer. We were working next to a lake, I looked-up & saw what looked like a strange ship-like thing; slightly-dark cloud, and just above it was a lighter cloud – just like smoke coming out of a smoke-stack. Then I heard a strange whistle horn coming from several meters away.

Sat. Mar. 8, 11:10 PM
. 9 months ago

SadiesWolfThe Shutter Effect (Cameras)

So I don’t know why I am posting this, I guess it may help some people.

I was watching a vsauce video and he mentioned some-thing called the shutter effect. Where when cameras take a picture from one side to the other so it can appear that if you have a reflection and person that the reflection is different.

I have seen many pictures like this of people saying it’s a haunted mirror and such but this literally explains so much.

I’ll post the video because he explains it better than me, it’s only in the first part. –

Happy Ghost Hunting. :) 10 months ago

idkbrblolparanormal #43

Feeling a little better now.
It actualy feels like time is moving again; space is alive again. [That would splain the tinnish-tinted monotonic voices – snapshots of nonsense word pairs from a variety of people around the world, (I’m just glad they all spoke English.)]

Had a neat last-second dream: I was in a room, all was quiet. Then, as quick as a movie-cut, I heard the heater blowing through the vents!
. 11 months ago


I have grown up around the paranormal, I seem to attract it and currently my house is haunted. We have named the ghost Ted, he’s not always very active but he likes to make some noise. I think this has helped me take an interest into the paranormal, it interests me. At the same time I like to look at things from a more scientific way, for example I will turn over every stone to find a plausible reason for some-thing before deciding if it’s paranormal or not.

I have an interest in becoming a paranormal investigator although I am not sure about where to start. I won’t be able to go out and investigate anywhere at the moment because of travel issue plus I don’t want to risk going alone, I don’t really like to trust all ghosts. But in the future I intent to.

Sadly the ghost in our house doesn’t appear to interact with people although he makes a heck of a racket some-times. I will be home alone or everyone is downstairs and it will be silent then suddenly it will sound like the bed has been lifted up and dropped. We thought it was the neighbors but their reply was “we thought it was you” plus it sounds like it’s coming from the bedroom.

It doesn’t scare me anymore and Ted has become like a member of the family. Not sure if he understands when I talk to him but still. 11 months ago

SadiesWolf 11 months ago

idkbrblol"project {verb} paperclip"?

Okay, I get home after running an errand for someone. I call another person cuz I see their driveway needs shoveled. The microsecond I reach into my pocket and feel a paperclip I forgot to give back to “Alfred,” [name has been changed to protect the innocent] they mention someone they know who happens to have that same name! It was suddenly like, this paperclip is connected to two Alfreds; (or something like that)! My brain suddenly scrambled for logic!

I wansn’t going to write about that today until this other one:
I was thinking about a new cardboard robot powered by a touch-me-not plant, (AKA sensitive plant or sleepy plant. ~Wikipedia), (via a punch-card system built housing the plant). I’d forgotten it momentarily while extinguishing a candle. As I walked back into the living room, I remmembered it; suddenly, the t.v. show said, “It’s all done with a gentle touch.” ~Legendary White Stallions: Airs Above the Ground
. 11 months ago

idkbrblolparanorm. Dec. 29, 2013

“Chi Rho”? (pronounced just like Cairo??)
I’ve heard that Cairo city was built by the Cairoans taking the casing-stones off of the Great Pyramid(s), (which they claim to have built?), for making their buildings.
I doubt this; any group of people putting that much work, (or having that type of building knowledge), would respect that work and not dismantle it!
Analysis summation: the Cairoans are not from the area, (“Cairo” = “Mars”?) nor did they build the pyramids, (which were never a tomb, IMO).

I do have one new question for the pyramid “airshafts as star-pointers,” Why do the airshafts only occur on the E-W sides, and not the N-S? Just wondering.

UFO/airplane I was reading or watching something made by a UFO doubter/troublemaker and they said that they were around airports a lot, and that they know airplanes can be spacially-arranged so their silhouette may appear UFO-like. I’m having a lot of doubt about that claim, and they never did offer any type of example or proof.
. 11 months ago

idkbrblolhellish nightmare?

Sure seemd like a nightmare!
Scary, bloody, grotesque, labyrinthine, and finally – after much effort to get through it all, an easy way out, but… well wait a minute, this could be fun! {guilty grin}
Dreams … sometimes interesting, disturbing insights. Or just a dream.
. 12 months ago


Just found this: “midpoint meridian of Sirius on January 1” That could be interesting.

lol, yep!×72/are_you_losing_your_thirst.png

documentary: The Last Magician: Isaac Newton (2013)
I know, this should be in the other goal, but about the only reason it deserves mention is that they said that he got some of his ideas about the universe through his study of the “occult,” (though I don’t remember any specifics mentioned), and that scientists – to this day, still don’t know how things like gravity work their “forces” from a distance!!! ROFL I love it! it!!!
Hey, dreamers, philosophers, neo-scientific types – the sky is still the limit!!

I was gonna add this, but it looks like she was just playing hide-and-seek. Sad, though; she died.
. 12 months ago


Wasn’t feeling great… having a hard time getting to sleep, (not too uncommon – I’ve had worse), but I’m laying there and I get the strange feeling that time, for me, is expanding a little in a rectangular tunnel type of expansion for awhile.

And this… not that it’s necessarily “paranormal,” …Now the two I saw a month or so ago was only a single cloud cut in two, and it was a much-more clean, clear background – blue-sky.
. 13 months ago

idkbrbloltears of heaven

- Oct. 31, 2013 [...minor edits]
Things still changing. I stepped outside the other day, (minutes after a near chance-encounter with old locals – now living hundreds of miles away), and I don’t know if it was the nice weather, the sunshine, or what – but I suddenly had a feeling that years or maybe decades of something was lifted off my mind. And I started to feel like crying, (but not wanting to get caught crying, I stopped).
So a little while later I waas out in a small woods, and eventually walked under a small bush/tree. When I was past half-way under the tree, I stood-up and looked and saw that many little, [“white,” I think], seed-pods were hanging there looking like dozens of pretty little raindrops – all frozen in time!
So I walked on and found another small tree with fiery-red leaves, I looked-up and a few feet above was a little tuft of five or-so leaves – they looked like they were cupping a nice yellow leaf up on them.

So anywaay, I went back a day [or 2] later but could not find this first tree! Mind-you this tree should be seen from any point in the woods! I even tried from both directions of my approximated “path,” (didn’t have time to stalk myself), but nothing. :-(

[I did find it a week or 2 later. I am still surprised how fast that thing changed appearance in a couple days.]
. 13 months ago

Christopher Grimm 14 months ago

idkbrblolentry #?

- Oct. 3, 2013
Interesting dream last night: seen an on-coming car with only one headlight and no running lamps or tail lights. When it passed, I turned around and went that way. Then I realized a soft light was coming from above me. Then I realized they were aliens, who took-on their human appearance & patiently waited for me to save the world (&/or universe, somehow, someway), IDK! One of them was a very cute girl, (close to 20 I think), whom I was thinking was my soul-mate!! ☺

Was getting kinda close to sleep, (actually nowhere near, but as close as I was going to get with the few remaining minutes till I had to get up), but I wasn’t feeling well, but in my day-dream, things were going really well – when suddenly I see this bright flash & hear a camera click/whir/& kinda break! Another hypnic-thing – I think that’s a first for a multi-sensory one!

in other news,
. 14 months ago

Allison Rosenthal 18 months ago

idkbrblolclouds; I think ... &

(okay, it’s been a long day, this is how I remember it; “it” being an important sight.)
Anyway, up…in the sky… two clouds next to each other… the one on the left looka lika flying-fish facing downward. On the right, remember what I wrote about the ‘fanned-out + spire’ “here:” -Well it was that, but upside-down.

Recently made a trip to a ‘very bad area,’ had bad dreams there; very tired, possible lost time – a coupla hours, maybe.
. 19 months ago

idkbrblolclouds; I hope

Was watching some clouds on and off today, (mostly-not); when I saw one that looked much like an upside-down bull’s head, then I looked near it & saw what much-appeard to be a crown & a side-view of a skull and an X !! (never-mind the crudity of the picture – the clouds were more realistic).
I also got to see a few smaller black birds chasing a crow away for a couple-hundred yards! (They usually only chase them for 50-60 yards – so he must’ve got their last chick!) 19 months ago


  • Was laying there trying to get to sleep; thinking. “Choices are hard” (Which I may’ve thought in other words before; and it may’ve been a different thought that was neat.) Anyway, it was pretty neat, and I started having the feeling that my mind was occupying space several feet out in the aether [sic]!
    Anyway, I got a “good hour” of “sleep,” and went to work. Almost immediately, I had a feeling that my “go-to shoes,” (that usually feel fine), felt terrible on my feet!
    Work was terribly hard; I’m guessing, (with the help of a professional guesser), that I moved about 4-tons of dirt! (And this was not the easy-kind of digging where you get to step on your shovel, either; this was bend-over and spend all your arm-power jamming the shovel into the dirt horizontally, then stand up with a shovel-full of dirt!!)
    At one point I started chanting with each shovel-full, “dirt.” ... “dirt.” ... “dirt.”
    I got home – and before I knew it, I had a glass of water, a glass of juice, and a glass of pop, all sitting there in front of me, and I was drinking back and forth among them. Three days later & my lips are still chapped from the dehydration & such.
    At one point I came back to the pile of rocks, where my boss and another guy already had 1/2 a wheelbarrow. By the time they got it full, the boss turned around to help fill mine, and I had filled mine already. (That kinda made me feel useful.)
    On the up-side, I’m having dreams of running again, from all the leg-use!!!
    On the down-side I’m having more scary dreams of very bad men.
  • Watching “Tracks Ahead,” and I was surprised to hear Harry (Potter’s) name wailed.
  • Slightly lying in bed trying to get to sleep, (trying to ‘think’ more than sleep); had a “feeling” of dealing with someone … or “several ‘shells’” of them.
    . 20 months ago

idkbrblolHermione. &...

  • Hermione. Was that you?? Naw, couldn’t’ve been.
  • I saw the Wheat Thins Super Bowl XLVII Yeti Commercial for the first time; I LOL’d, looked back at the computer screen, clicked the scroll-bar down to the first entry there, and saw this: !
  • “afraid of the dark”... Do parents ever do things in the dark with their kids? Like, turn-out the lights and crawl-around inder [or under] the tables and chairs, or go out back and look at the stars & listen to the crickets & talk; or play hide-and-seek by feeling-around the living-room for a specified object? ...Somethign that will give them a feeling of darkness being somewhat normal.
    . 20 months ago

idkbrblolHarry Potter ... (not the movie or the book)

As always, it occurred to me unexpectedly.
(Don’t worry, Mr. Sir … your secret’s safe with me!)
(It’s nice to know your address should I need to find you again!)

Edit: the day after: scary dream: a young warlock – powerful, dark; a head-hunter! {Note that he didn’t kill them; he just shrunk & swallowed heads along with a black “cat”}
. 20 months ago

idkbrblol12:12:12 (midnight), &

I took the dog out for a long trip after she wouldn’t leave me alone; whining about something about a “walk.”
We got home, I looked up at the clock: all three hands were pointed at the 12.

Who is this ‘earnegie’ guy? (Another e where a C should be.) 20 months ago

idkbrblol3:15:15 (on the analog clock)

(maybe I can blame the dog on this one.)
(then again, it was me who chose to wait a couple minutes before interrupting my work.)

edit: a minute before letting the dog out, it wouldv’e been very hard to see the clock. then I turned the light on, but I don’t remember looking at the clock; (I was too focused on getting the dog out), until I did at 3:15:15
. 20 months ago

idkbrblolpop + {{eerie, huh}}

So I gots me a pop, (32 oz.), & I’m going to the car, & I see this girl in a fairly-unique color-scheme, and I get in the car, and I notice the pop has splashed out the top in a very-much plus-sign (+)! (Now, A: this has never happended to me in such a sign before;
B: the ‘top’ spire fanned-out a little
C: I used a straw, as usual, that is much smaller than your normal straw {almost a stir-stick}, leaving less space for pop to get out;
D: the spires did not come straight out from the little slits for the straw to push through.)

George Newman: [mimicking Richard Dryfuss in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’] “This means something. This is important.” UHF. Dir. Jay Levey. Perf. “Weird Al” Yankovic, David Bowe, Fran Drescher, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Richards, Gedde Watanabe, Billy Barty, Anthony Geary, Emo Philips and Trinidad Silva. Orion Pictures, 1989. film.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (or CE3K). Dir. Steven Spielberg Perf. Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut, Melinda Dillon, Teri Garr. Columbia Pictures. 1977. film.

This means either “a single covalent bond between two atoms” ( or an occult “Earth” sign, right?

Now why would an occult earth sign just happen on Easter (Ishtar) – to me – moi!?
. 20 months ago

idkbrblolbulls bulls bulls

I always wondered what that cool song was that they played for the Chicago Bulls entrance back in the day, when they were winning & I was a Bulls fan.
I found it recently, and I should’ve guessed [I shouldv’e bet] – it’s by The Alan Parsons Project – a song called “Sirius”!

Another bull, (pictured). (a hopper is like a trash can; right?)

Edit: (T4tC)
And that song w/o the team entrance is monotonous as heck
. 21 months ago

idkbrbloldemon dreamin' (hey that rhymes!)

{{{“Now wait just a minute… hypnic bangs aren’t supposed to happen in dreams!... ” [[are there aliens here?]] ... }}} Then someone pokes their head in the door and says something & I almost wake-up screaming at them!

update: about a week -n’ ½ ago, I had a hypnic bang that sounded much like a rubber “kickball” ball being kicked very very hard – very loud.
This is gettin weird!
. 21 months ago

idkbrblol3:33, 2:15, etc.

The other day night I decided to go to bed; the last light I turned out, the clock next to it said 3:33.
Last night as I was going to sleep, I heard another hypnic horn – sounded just like a Mack truck! Luckily it only lasted ½ or ⅓ of a second.
I woke up a few hours later, & looked at the clock… it said 2:15! (self-similar if seen upside down backwards)
(One wonders if this has anything to do with the Pope.) ((Someone said that now there would be two Popes.))
. 22 months ago

idkbrblol"I'm pretty-damn sure I didn't tape this!"

So I’m watching Hearts in Atlantis. Everything’s going fine; it’s an ok movie.
Then, just as my brother & cousin walks in, the boy yells, “I love him!”
I think, ” What?!! There is no precedent for that line!!”

(pretty-sure it was Hearts in Atlantis – it wouldn’t’ve been Digging To China)
. 22 months ago

idkbrblol3:33, again!

I woke up this morning after going to bed at 10:30, at 3:33:33! (I’m assuming the :33 seconds, but after sitting up, turning my clock, & waiting the several seconds waiting to see if thee last (minute) clock number was a 3 or an 8). Note that I usually don’t wake up & see what time it is.
I wonder if this is one of them good omens like Damien had; right??! :-O
Also note that I don’t beleive that this is necessarily “paranormal”: it could be that I have a bugged clock that “accepts, [BY LAW] interference” by the gov’t., or it could be an actual Matrix inside another Matrix; right? Also I spent-up several early jobs by way of waking-up exactly at the time I was supposed to “clock-in”! (What do they call them – “good times”?)
. 22 months ago

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