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become fluent in japanese

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I’ve been taking classes in Japanese for almost 2 years, but I’m nowhere near fluency. I also have a million more kanji to learn. Here goes! 15 months ago

pointcounterpoint 15 months ago

RubyPaperMoonLearning Japanese

I’m learning this in school. I think it will be worth while not to forget it while doing A levels so next year guess what I want to take ??? Japanese!!! Its really difficult apparently…. my friends think I’m mad to want to do Japanese. who knows, maybe I am O16 months ago

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I have never taken a formal class in Japanese. For the past few years I’ve been set on teaching myself the language, and for a while early on I was doing pretty well and could speak simple sentences. Life got in the way of that and I’ve forgotten quite a bit by now. A few months ago my wife bought some immersion-style software (cheap version of Rosetta Stone) and I’ve been using that to try to catch back up on my vocabulary. The good news is that I seem to have a lot of knowledge tucked deep down somewhere from when I learned this stuff before, so I seem to be learning at a pretty fast pace. I’ve learned a lot of basic vocabulary, and the next step I’ve given myself is to learn kana again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to recall most kana, which will lead to my being able to read simple passages (something that is always extremely helpful). 22 months ago

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youngidealistFree One On One Tutor

My local community college has a free tutoring lounge where tutors come to volunteer. Wouldn’t you know that one really nice Japanese tutor was volunteering but no one was asking for her help. So, even though I am not in classes, I was able to slip under the radar, share my services as a math/science tutor, and then schedule some free one on one meetings with her, and she’s great! It’s like having a free private tutor.

I have a feeling that I will be oweing a lot of thanks in the long run to my new sensei. 2 years ago


I’m pretty good at first year stuff, except for Kanji. My goal is to become good enough to qualify for an entry level job in translating. 2 years ago

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