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Learn and be able to remember the Ten Commandments

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AllisonCookThe Ten Commandments Are For God's Beloved Children!

If you truly love God and His Ten Commandments, I recommend that you should read the following book:

“The Ten Commandments Are For God’s Beloved Children!”

It is available on Amazon.com and Lulu.com.

I am a faithful Christian all my life. I used to regard Christians as the people with the highest morality. I had always tried to convince other people to give up their faith and become Christians and also tried to make all non-religious people to believe in Jesus. I always wanted to be in heaven with Jesus.

Recently, I stumbled upon this book. At first, I thought it was just another religious book. But as a Christian who loved to read things about God and His Commandments, so I bought this book (ebook, rather, on the publisher’s website for only a few bucks).

To my amazement! This book is totally different from all religious and Christian books that I have ever known. To me, this is the ONLY religious book that honestly and objectively teaches about God and His Commandments. It is the only religious book in the entire world that points out the ugliness and ungodliness of all religions in the world.

This book has changed my life forever! I now feel that I am more closer to God than ever. I no longer feel that I am or any Christian is more righteous or more holy than other people in the world whether other people know God or not.

This book teaches me to love God and love my neighbors with an honest and true love! And my neighbors are not just human beings, but all creatures big and small on the entire earth!

Now I no longer worry about heaven or hell. All I care is to walk faithfully with God and live happily with my neighbors on this wonderful and lovely earth as long as God lets me.

I recommend that you should read this book. It may change your life too. 6 years ago

Oceanchild9It is always worth doing...

...to remember the words of God!

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”—Psalm 119:11

Notice it doesn’t say we won’t, because we’re not perfect. But when we can recall God’s words in our lives, we’ve got a better shot at listening to them. And I know from experience that when we listen, life is so much better! 8 years ago

Oceanchild9It's Friday!

And I can still remember & recite all 10. Goal accomplished! 8 years ago

Oceanchild93 more days...

This is looking good! 8 years ago

Oceanchild9And again today...

Can still remember them all:) If I can still remember all 10 next Friday, I’ll consider this goal completed! 8 years ago

Oceanchild9Working very well

I didn’t look at the pictures at all yesterday, and I can still remember all 10. Yay! 8 years ago

Oceanchild9Faster than I thought!

Well, I was only going to try to learn the first 5 yesterday, but since I had seen the pictures, I ended up being able to remember all 10 of them. Checking my ‘43 Things’ today, I saw this on my list and went through them. Remembered all 10 again today, and without practicing them earlier! This seems to be a great method:)

Not going to mark it as completed, though, until I wait a while and see if I can still remember them;) 8 years ago


Already today I know the first 5 commandments! That’s all I’m gonna do today, because I don’t want to push it. I will keep practicing, and then if I can remember them tomorrow I will add the rest. Yay! Seems so easy:D 8 years ago

Oceanchild9Found it!

This is what I’m going to use to help me reach this goal:


We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully this goal will be accomplished quickly! 8 years ago

Oceanchild9In order

This is such a basic thing. Even people who aren’t Christians know about the Ten Commandments. And even though we’re no longer under the law itself, it is still good to be able to recall them and know which one is which.

Actually, talking to a friend of mine tonight has inspired me to choose this as a goal. She is teaching this to her Sunday School class (little kids), and she’s using pictures to do it. I remember coming across pictures like she was talking about a few months ago. I’m going to see if I can find them again.

I am going to finally learn this! 8 years ago

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