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catnicpic 11 months ago

shelleyhofer 23 months ago

OtterGirl537I love

swings. You can get lost on a swing. When do we stop playing? I think that’s when we lose something really important. 2 years ago

user12850 2 years ago


Yesterday, I went snowboarding for 12 hours. It was amazing on many levels, but mostly it was about the playfulness of it. The day sucked me in from starting with fresh snowfall to ending with hot chocolate. It demanded all my skills and attention and in the end, it cleansed me of many of my recent frustrations. That S was there was an added bonus and reminded that one of things I’m attracted to in him is his playfulness and his joie de virve. 2 years ago

Andromeda 3 years ago

OtterGirl537 3 years ago

Gregory-Graves ~ 3 years ago


I totally did this today! I answered the door for a few trick-or-treating kids and gave them candy, so much fun! Then I went to a graveyard with some friends and even if I didn’t actually scare them, it was fun running around in the dark :D 3 years ago

ItchyFeetJust some random ideas...

Play may mean different things to us all. The first thing I think of with the word is laughter.

Things that may be worthwhile trying or doing again is:

  1. Painting (finger painting maybe -just for the heck of it)
  2. Drawing
    (and no I am not in ANY way artistic!)
  3. Horseback riding
  4. Riding a bike (Man I’ve wanted to do this for a while now!)
  5. skipping rope
  6. hula hoop (I’ve seen a fitness class on this!)
  7. zumba (I don’t have any rhythym but this may just be fun!)
  8. hiking (it has been way too long since I’ve done this and I used to hike omg 2-3 times a month!)
  9. watching comedy movies AT the theatre not just renting movies at home!
  10. skiing (isnt it time I tried cross country skiing, instead of just saying I want to learn how??!)
  11. snowshoeing – I’ve done this before and it was awesome fun
  12. beachcombing – though I live no where NEAR a beach! but it’s possible at some point!
  13. Singing
  14. Cooking
  15. Having a dinner party
  16. Going to parties (Halloween – or any party for that matter!)
  17. Seeing more live theatre
  18. Going to more concerts (already have done more of this – this last few months!

Well that is a few things to start out with!
I think doing some familiar things that I know I love, and others (like the painting/drawing) just for the heck of it may just unleash the ‘fun-factor” that I really think I’m in need of!

Hopefully one or two or even a few items will happen over the next while!

I’ll add items as I think of them, as well! 3 years ago

ItchyFeet 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: Dinner with friends

Not at a restaurant, although that’s occasionally nice too. Dinner at home. Several courses cooked by yours truly to accompany great conversation, good stories, interesting observations, tales that catch us up on each others’ lives. It’s a little work getting it set up, but it’s always a lot of fun and worth it. 3 years ago

meditation7List Ways in Which I play: Computer games

Alas, after hours on the computer each day doing legitimate work, it’s hard to justify spending more hours in front of the computer playing games (and these, incidentally, are not the shoot-’em-up games… more like interactively told stories, with character depth, story arc, and plot twists). But, once in a blue moon, I’ll dig up some of the as-yet-unplayed ones and enjoy the world they take me into. It’s like a movie… except you get to decide where the action goes. 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: Graphic Novels

A guilty pleasure indulged these days far too little, alas, because it’s near impossible to find in the U.S. the kind of European graphic novels that I grew up with. If I could read French I’d import them (France and Belgium seem to be the maximum exponent of this art form, with the best illustrations—things that I look at for a long time, absorbing all the nuances)... but alas, I can barely make out 50% of what’s going on in French. But occasionally I find something that fits the bill, and there’s nothing like a cozy winter night reading a graphic novel. 3 years ago

meditation7Ways in which I play: Poet Time

It has nothing to do with writing poetry; it has everything to do with living it. The method: empty pockets. Comfortable clothes and shoes. No watch. No time limit. No destination. Leave the house, keep hands in pockets, go where I haven’t gone before, walk slowly.

Vacations to far, distant lands be damned – when I get into Poet Time, 2 hours of slow, silent walking turn into a delectable vacation. 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: toy stores

Hey, why should kids have all the fun? I ride the carts at the supermarket, at Costco and at Ikea (usually while the kids stare at me like, “Wait! Is he allowed to do that?”) so why not spend hours and hours seeing what kinds of things they’ve come up with since I was a kid? (Um, physically. Because, as we’ve seen, mentally, I’m still there.) 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: bookstores

Yeah, Kindle and the iPad may take them away, but there’s still nothing (to a bibliophile like me) like hours aimlessly browsing through a bookstore. The question is, when will I read the ones I bought last time? Maybe I should take them with me to the bookstore and read them there. :-) 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: Amusement Parks

I’m a sucker for them. I don’t even have to go on any rides: just being around other people, seeing the garish colors and hearing the loud sounds seems to do it for me. Although it’s hard to pass up the Tilt-A-Whirls. Call me fuddy-duddy, call me what you will, but I think those are still the funnest rides. 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: dancing

I have the schedule of every single dance that happens every single day of the week in my town. I should look at it. I should write it in my calendar. I should go. Period. 3 years ago

meditation7List ways in which I play: swimming

Swimming outdoors, specifically. Indoors comes in a distant second. It doesn’t have to be a tropical ocean, though I won’t complain if that’s the case; just outdoors. Which, given that I live at 47 degrees of latitude north, usually means in the summer. Or in the winter if Mexico or Puerto Rico are an option… 3 years ago

meditation7This should've been the first entry on my "List ways in which I play" list...

... but, sad to say, film-viewing got first billing. What has happened to me? How could I’ve had this lapse?

So, okay: sex should be at the top of the list. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that I need more specificity there: sex with _ or with _. Because those were pretty extraordinary and multi-dimensional, and to put them in the same league as the rest would be, well… a lie of omission.

That being said, the downside of that specificity is that in the absence of _ and _ from my life, I am hampered in the revisiting of this particular mode of playing till someone else with whom I click as magically as with them appears in my life… :-) 3 years ago

meditation7List ways that I play: movies

All right, we will start easy on this listing (and following through) goal: The easiest, most by-default way is watching a film. Alas, not just any film. Intelligent, intriguing, touching, well-crafted films. Like “After the Wedding.” Or “Contact.” Or “Before Sunrise.” Or “Paradise now.” Or “Fracture.”

In lieu of that, truly humorous films (and if they have elements of the above, then so much the better): “Groundhog Day.” “Death at a Funeral” (the original British version). “A Fish Called Wanda.” “The Infidel.”

And occasionally some truly screwball comedies like “The Wedding Crashers” and “The Hangover.”

There, that’s a first step in rescuing my inner funster. 3 years ago

rheasunshine 3 years ago

meditation7Today's choice was either "play more" or "learn something new...."

And I played instead – a great little film by the name of “Source Code” that was very gratifying, was not predictable, and opened up a lot of interesting possibilities as to what the nature of reality is, multiple parallel universes… the kind of stuff that I really enjoy pondering and discussing with others… So, no learning, but a good solid hour and half of fun… :-) 3 years ago

meditation7Finally took up a friend's offer to go on his boat...

And I’m glad I didn’t ask him how long that would take, because I would’ve said, “four hours? I don’t have time for that.” Instead, I went, I enjoyed every minute of it and then felt far less concerned with the things I still needed to do… 3 years ago

Makingsenseoflife 3 years ago

meditation7A light bulb went off in my head...

... when I realized yesterday that I was looking forward to a couple hours in the afternoon devoted to fixing someone’s laptop. “Ah… that’s how I play.” I’d forgotten. Call it quirky, call it odd, but it’s an easy connection to that tinker-with-this feeling that was familiar from childhood. So, I managed to “play” there, then I managed to “play” by watching a fun (if not particularly life-changing) film, and I managed to “play” by going for a 55-minute walk while listening to a quantum physics lecture. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to fit in real work amidst all this in my day yesterday… :-) 3 years ago

meditation7a friend laughed at my goal of playing 60 minutes...

...per day. Or at the fact that it goes unaddressed for days at a time. “Maybe you should try for 5 or 10 minutes a day and then graduate to the big leagues” she said… I guess better than nothing at all… 3 years ago

meditation7Examples of less than ideal catching up...

So the downside of failing to follow up on my “have fun for at least an hour a day” goal is that come Friday I am suspiciously uninspired to work. And then I do what I did last night – watch 3 movies back-to-back… till I finally found a good one, the third one. But after that 4.5 hour run, I can definitely attest to feeling caught up in the fun department. Unfortunately it interfered with the organize department and the get-to-bed-early department but hey, we’ll catch up on those soon enough. 3 years ago

meditation7... specifically, playing a minimum of an hour a day.

Re-discovered the sheer joy of bringing out my synthesizer a couple of days ago and messing around with it… maybe a little list of things I enjoy would be in order to help keep this more accessible. In the meantime, I’m listening right now to Anastasiya Vinnikova’s “Born in Belorussia”... a good reminder of play. 3 years ago

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