“My ideal job/work/life situation would be:"

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~to the water~I've had this goal

for quite some time and have pondered for the longest time what these things would be…for my ideal job/work/life situation. But it’s not as complicated as my mind spins it up. Quite simply, it’s the opposite of what the situation is now. As much as I work to create the environment where I thrive I still wake up day after day in the same situation. Quite honestly, I don’t really know what has to change to make it any different. I thought my long-awaited vacation would revitalize me, but after a week back at work I feel the same as the a week prior to my vacation. Maybe I’m just hard to please, but one can’t go through life counting the minutes, hours, and days to the next vacation. 3 years ago

~to the water~first objective

with this goal might be the simple pleasure of walking through my front door without the need to concentrate on dragging my ass through the door. That might be a nice thing. Hmmm. 4 years ago

~to the water~A great goal

to work with. Thanks, Axx! I’ll be pondering this for a bit and will then post. 4 years ago

ExGratiaMarking this as done

because really, for me there is no true ideal. There is only ideal for the moment in which I’m living. 4 years ago


where I am now. 4 years ago

ExGratiaI no longer have any idea how to define this.

That’s indicative of the need for some serious reflection and life analysis. If I lack direction, I self destruct. Can’t have that now.

I have this nagging feeling that all the things I’ve always said I wanted to do or be no longer really fit. Its not good to be attached to an idea that you formulated in an entirely different phase of life. 4 years ago

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