Learn 50 Japanese Kanji

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Recent activity

Sheree 4 years ago

ShereeLast 3!

車 – Car
刃 – Blade
木- Tree/timber 10 months ago

ShereeGetting this goal finished today!

I will finish this today! 14 months ago


花 flower
百 hundred
円 yen
月 month
好 like/fond/pleasing

sooo close! one 3 more to reach my target! 14 months ago


肉 meat/flesh
鳥 bird
犬 dog
大 big
口 mouth
中 middle/in
語 language
何 what 14 months ago


朋 – Companion
古 – Old
唱 – Chant 15 months ago

ShereeFew more! Total now 31! 19 to go!

日 day
目 eye
月 month
田 rice field 15 months ago

Sheree27 down. Over half way!


男 male
人 person 
子 child
女 female
米 rice
日本語 Japanese
本 Book
母 mother
お父 father 15 months ago

Sheree18 so far that I can recognise and mostly write!

一 二 三 四 六 七 八 九 十 
Numbers 1-10 10 Kanji!

茶 cha = tea
愛 ai = love
私 watashi = I, me, myself
男 otoko = male
紫 murasaki = purple
口 guchi = mouth
目 me = eye
耳 mimi = ear
Subtotal = 8

Total as of this month= 18

I’m on my way 32 to go towards my goal! 16 months ago

ShereeWords I now recognise!

1. Purple
2. Green
3. Nattou
4. Rice
5. Sweets
6. Love
7. Japan
8. Brown
9. Tea
10. Vegetables 2 years ago

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