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Rudiano BambinoLast week was so uplifting!

Just a couple of insights from a few talks, some made me teary…

  1. Rockefeller was the first billionaire. But it cost him his relationships and his health. In his early 50s his Doctors predicted he only had a few more years to live. So he changed his perspective on life. He started giving away his money, did many charitable works.The result? His life changed, his health improved. He lived on to be 98! This illustrates how true the bible is when it says “there is more happiness in giving than receiving”. Giving helps us practice love. Love is central to our make up.
  2. When Adam and Eve were perfect, they talked to God “during the breezy part of the day”. Being in paradise will be the same, talk directly to Jah, real conversation and intimacy, laughs… How great will that be!
  3. Jesus’ sacrifice is a way of him saying to God: “Sin is tainting his/her actions but it’s not his/her choice. If s/he was perfect, s/he would act differently, like me. So Father, look past the imperfection, down to the heart, and see how hard s/he tries, the person s/he really is inside”.

Thanks again Jah! 9 months ago

Rudiano BambinoI'll write this before I forget...

Cause my memory is something I forget with, for some reason…
OK I am just very grateful for an insight I’ve just been given.
2 Corinthians 1:3,4 talks about Jah being the God of all comforts and that being comforted by Him, we can go and comfort others.

Those can be just words, with no meaning, right? Let’s reflect a little.
I remember a friend quoting this to me in Guadeloupe after we had shared stories about our bad luck in love (for want of a better expression). We knew what it was like to have dreams about someone and see them shattered. So naturally we empathized with each other. Empathy itself is comforting. Knowing that someone sees where we are coming from, understands more than our words can convey makes us feel less odd or alone.

But I learned more tonight. I never thought of faithful servants of God like Moses or Elijah as having bouts of depression. But it seems they did (so did Rebekah, Job, Jacob…). The bible says that they wanted to die on occasions.
The account that impresses me is Elijah. Zealous, faithful, dynamic prophet of God, having seen incredible signs from God such as the burning of a drenched altar, the end of a 3 and a half year drought (and more, all because he prayed God for them). But when Jezabel threatens him with death (and starts killing all the other prophets she can find), he flees for his life. His faith seems to have all but disappeared.
He then feels worthless, alone, discouraged….depressed. He just sleeps.
What does God do? He gently wakes him up and feeds him. Then he allows Elijah to pour out his feelings to Him. Then He strengthens Elijah’s faith with more signs. But not reproachingly. All with love and consideration. In time, He gets Elijah back on track.

It’s a good framework to follow when depressed or helping the depressed: nourishing food, rest, prayer, gentle manners, study.

But this account just puts it in technicolor for me how Jah really IS the God of all comforts. These are not just words. God’s love and wisdom are clearly shown in his handling of Elijah, I feel!

Read the account that inspired this entry straight from the bible. It’s in 1 Kings Chapter 1912 months ago

Rudiano BambinoSo nice when this happens...

I was aiming to have a good month so my bills are covered while I’m away (to GWADADA!!! :P) but things haven’t been cooperating with me so instead of having a rich month, with 10 days left it looked like I was going to rack a serious debt. Wasn’t even sure how to come up with this week’s rent. I was in a negative frame of mind as well because One of my clients paid in dollars, which is low against the pound sterling at present and I couldn’t retrieve all my PayPal money for some strange reason. But I don’t care. Because the money I could withdraw is exactly my rent money! Thanks Jehovah God!
I really should learn to stop stressing. He’s got my back, even when it feels he hasn’t.
Oh and it turns out that I could apply for an overdraft online to give myself breathing space despite the fact that my branch had refused to grant me this earlier.
Call it what you will. I call it divine intervention. 14 months ago

Rudiano BambinoThis got me a bit teary

You know sometimes we’re our worst enemy. We’re harsh on ourselves to the point of writing ourselves off. I was looking at my notes from a talk and discovered this:
Job experienced the same feelings when he went through all his trials. He felt God was so far from him that He would not listen to his prayers (Job 9:16). He accepted the trials but probably thought “God can’t love me if I’m going through this”. He was wrong but didn’t know better then. Thankfully, he didn’t let this thinking run its course (God doesn’t love me-> I don’t love myself-> I don’t deserve to be loved-> why bother doing right, I’m unlovable anyway->Let’s just do nothing/do bad)
This reasoning is a falsehood that God’s enemy would love everyone to embrace as truth so that they are utterly uninterested in God or in doing what he asks of us.
Some of us, for reasons maybe unknown to ourselves, are more likely than others to be plagued by this idea that we are unlovable.
The truth is, however, that we are loveable. God is greater than our hearts (1 John 3:19,20). Our hearts may churn out all these negative feelings but God knows where they are from and is above those. He knows we are fragile, imperfect, so he isn’t rough with us (Psalm 103:14).
Contrary to most people, God doesn’t despise us when we feel broken Psalms 51:17)
It may take some study and reflection to convince our heart of this, but it’s worth it. It keeps self-loathing and all manner of dark ramifications at bay. 15 months ago

Rudiano BambinoClean conscience...

It’s a good feeling to know you have done what you ought to even if it was hard. the appreciative comments and the blessings after are really encouraging.
The week was very busy. Took the field service group twice, had two talks yesterday, three mystery assignments, one decorating job. I was quite tired at the end of it all and was struggling but I’m relaxing today!
Next week seems quite good too, probably more work than I could cope with.
Thanks Jah :) 15 months ago

Rudiano Bambinoso close and yet so far...

I fear for my future…I should have been much better by now. The intimacy I used to have with God is still not back. What the heck is wrong with me?? 17 months ago

Rudiano BambinoMen, men, men!!!!!

A scene from the movie “Angela” by Luc Besson (probably my favourite movie even though hardly anyone shares my sentiment )illustrates my situation, albeit in a creative way.
After an Angel (Angela) falls from heaven to help Andre, he asks for proof that she really is what she says she is. So she does 2 miracles in front of him but Andre still doesn’t believe! He laughs it off as a magic trick. Angela is hurt. She cries: “Men!! You are always the same! You ask us to reassure you and when we do, you ditch us!!!”

I’ve just had quite a few events that have answered my prayers. But still, I’m scared, want more signs, more reassurance.

I got it though. In the form of some encouragement from H to stop complicating things and just “grasp the nettle”, seize this opportunity, this multitude of doors that have suddenly swung open in front of me, with little effort on my part.

I need to do this. If this is not divine providence, nothing is!! 18 months ago

Rudiano BambinoAnother obstacle to drawing close to God

I have known this deep inside but have been unable to articulate it until now. I have been in conflict internally without really knowing why….until now.
Let me explain.
I have been exploring positive thinking and motivational speakers for some years now. A part of me was saying I should get motivation from God, not elsewhere. The other part of me was saying yeah but this works and the principles motivational speakers talk about are often in the bible.This is just what I needed to get out of negative thinking, I thought.
I used the affirmations for a month. They worked... I was transformed.
But the emphasis is always on the self,material success, self fulfilment and so on… There is little space for God there. I purposefully included affirmations about my spirituality.
With time though, exposure to these gurus’ thoughts made me actually more self reliant, not reliant on God or closer to Him.
I don’t feel I’m a better person.
It feels like having results but not God’s blessing, a bit like when Moses struck the stone and miraculously got some water out for the Israelites but because he had not relied on God, He was displeased with Moses and did not let him cross over the Jordan.
Most people, including friends know me as positive and close to God, possibly even mildly talented and successful.
But the truth is that I still feel far from the man I should be by now. My longing to know God’s thoughts is at loggerheads with desires to sound intelligent, get ahead in the world. I don’t like that. That wasn’t the initial plan.
What would be the point? As long I seek God and His righteousness FIRST, everything I need will be added, in this world but most importantly in the next. (Matthew 6:33)
Of what good would it be for me to get ahead in this world, feel empty spiritually and thus forfeit my entry to the next? 18 months ago

Rudiano BambinoDoubts...

I’m not doubting God, no. I’m past that. But I’m doubting myself. I went to Ireland for inspiration. I got just that. I now feel inspired to go serve somewhere else. But I need the funds. I was saying that to a friend this morning. Then I checked my phone. It was a text from my bank. The funds got there today. WTH?! My heart is saying ” I don’t deserve this, why should I have it? It’s definitely a mistake.” I need to investigate this first but if it turns out that these funds are not a mistake, goodness me! What an answer to my prayers!!! 19 months ago

Rudiano Bambinomore nuggets...

...this time from this morning’s ministry with Jimmy D. He was relating to me his experience in Bolivia… People there are humble and hungry for spiritual food. The picture he painted was beautiful. I could see myself there. Weather close to what my skin needs, nice people, cheaper conditions, a language I can speak,an opportunity to feel more fulfilled spiritually.I am drawn. Is it the next move for me? Time and prayer will tell…
But in the interim I realise that the excitement, fulfillment I’m looking for is right here, not in the places I keep looking… 19 months ago

Rudiano BambinoA few nuggets from the zone visit

David defeated Goliath against the odds. Eliab his brother and Saul the king, both big guys, didn’t take up the challenge. They thought David had no chance. But he had a secret weapon. He relied on Jah, the God of the impossible.
To defeat our own Goliath we need to do the same. Rely on the God of impossible. Nothing’s impossible for him. It’s a stupid mistake to rely on our puny selves instead… 19 months ago

Rudiano BambinoJust had a thought...

There are so many things obscuring the view: man’s achievements, endeavours and brags… It’s all in my face. Like the matrix. A whole contrived world pulled in front of our eyes so we can’t see the truth.
We discover amazing things in nature, laws, principles, beauty, functionality and name them after ourselves. But we only discovered what was already there. We didn’t invent it. Why do we take so much credit for it? What about the creator? Credit should be given where it’s due.
But that’s going against the grain. We’re bombarded with messages deifying our wants, desires, thoughts and discarding God.
To counter this, I’m gonna feed myself more with programmes about nature and the universe than about the puny man. 19 months ago

Rudiano BambinoIt's really a struggle....

A good job we have regular times to re-group, get re-focused, reset… This world is so full of weapons of mass distraction! Everything to lead you astray…Had a conversation with a friend and something he said reminded me of what I aspired to be and prayed to become as I was growing up: a real man agreeable to God, a force for good but in an understated fashion….
I have stopped praying about that…I have been praying more about my needs and wants… This is out of balance.
Where’s the reset button?

- CLICK20 months ago

Rudiano BambinoI realise...

...that this goal is counter intuitive. You would have thought that being created in God’s image, we would just need to make the effort and we would naturally get closer to God. Well, to some extent yes. But there is more to it. “God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts” says Isaiah 55:8-9. Human perspective is limited. How can a human get God’s eagle-eye perspective on things? Not by wishful thinking…Not by imagination, not by intuition.
Because I realise that although I am quite happy with my intuition and rely heavily on it in life, it’s misled me in some aspects. I suffer a bit from the thorny soil syndrome (Matthew 13:22).
I want material success perhaps a bit too much. I need to find my balance back so I focus more on being rich toward God rather than rich materially.
Then, as He’s already told me and showed time and time again, He’ll take care of the material things because He knows I need them. (Matthew 6:33, Hebrews 13:5, etc…) 21 months ago

Rudiano BambinoMy life is far from perfect but... comes from unexpected sources…Friends, opportunity through employers, even through banks (reluctantly but it seems its on its way) mind is freer to tackle my life’s misalignment with my values. I know I can do it. I have to. Otherwise i wont be growing, I will be dying inside a little more each day….That is NOT my calling. 22 months ago

emimyers 23 months ago


Every day 23 months ago


Read every day 23 months ago

Rudiano BambinoPhil:4:6,7 works!

“Never be anxious over anything but (...) let your petitions known by God…and the peace of God will (...) guard your mental powers”.
At night, everything seems to be worse. ut you pray, then the next day have a fresh look at your situation and even though it’s not great (In my case, behind on rent, short of groceries, tax man knocking at my door, future uncertain, as usual)but it’s not that bad. I have a few pots of little money that will help temporarily. I don’t have to succumb to my tendency of withdrawing from everything and everyone and sulk in my dark cave.
I can still work at organizing my space, becoming uber productive…or at least consistently productive!
Thanks Jah! I feel uplifted! 1 year ago

Rudiano BambinoThere is a reason why...

Psalms 34:8 says that one needs to TASTE and see that God is good. This is not possible by sitting on the fence, seeing from a distance, you have to let him in your life, follow his guidance.
The clean conscience and the other blessings from this are sooooo worth it!
I wish I could do just that, forget about secular work. Spiritual works lifts me up, secular work tends to just take from me…. 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoThis is what I need...

Apply Psalms 86:11. Not just know this, but actually do it. Ah, imperfection, quand tu nous tiens! :( 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoI'm glad I wrote...

...entries for this goal. I can’t believe how forgetful I am! Reading these was almost like reading someone else’s entries. My memory is really bad. But anyway, I’m glad I’ve had these blessings. Because I have committed them to writing, I can recall them, I can count them so to speak :P

I have to say, I can’t think of a nicer way to draw close to God than to see His hand in my life 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoI definitely need...

...a bit more faith. That would give me more patience. Once again I saw the storm and panicked but help was on the way, I didn’t see the rays of sunshine but here they are. Next week it’s a different ball game, I can breathe again :) 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoStress management lesson

Christ said “never be anxious about the next day for the next day will have its owm anxieties”(Matthew 6:27) It’s so true. What is the point of worrying about today AND tomorrow? All the times I have worried and panicked, the solution presented itself; generally at the last minute. The lesson I get taught over and over again is this: Don’t panic, don’t get mad, don’t cut corners. If you do things God’s way, He will sustain you. Just wait. Again, Christ said God knows what we need and He provides for animals who don’t toil like us and are not as precious as us (Matthew 6:26). He may not give us what we want but He certainly will give us what we need. He has done this for me this week…Unexpected sources of income again…when I need them most :-) 2 years ago

Rudiano Bambinowhat a strange dream Ive just had...

I don’t believe in premonitions but what a dream…
Was with friends and colleagues, they were partying, I was too, actually being a bit naughty..Then something in the atmosphere felt wrong.Next it started to rain giant rocks shaped like snowflakes. Things got destroyed but we survived. Next it felt really hot. We had cats, they congregated inside and gradually seized up like toys out of battery.I went outside and the sun was redder than usual and you could see a solar flare around it. I came back in and everyone was in a state of emergency and leaving the house. We thought “this is Armaggedon”. One of my friends was happy, I wasn’t, thinking about what I had done before, I might be judged unfaithful and not survive…I brushed the feeling off.One of my friends was having difficulties to get out and told me to go. I refused and helped him out. His dad overtook us and said to travel light. He pointed to clothes and a book about Jesus, “the greatest man that ever lived”. Then i woke up in a cold sweat. What a film of a dream! I can see why I dreamt this.Its linked to recent events….But solar flare, giant hard snowflakes??? Come on. And fleeing the house to survive Armaggedon? Nah, thats not how the bible portrays it. I do need to watch out to remain on God’s side though…and travel light…reminds me of Hebrews 12:1-3: putting off every weight so as to run the race to the finish like Jesus. 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoPrivilege of service

Got an unexpected blessing last Thursday…I must be doing something right…It’s a goal I set myself and I am a bit late on it but I didn’t actually think I’d get there this year…Right, gotta keep improving to my ultimate goal! 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoGood things come in 3s?

A few points from this weekend’s convention
  1. When Pharaoh let the israelites go out of Egypt, they were 3 million strong, but God provided for all their needs in the wilderness. From that you can gather where Jesus got that idea of feeding the crowds from, he had a master teacher.
  2. When the Israelites came back from deportation, they worked on re building the wall of Jerusalem. It was 3 mile long. They were being ridiculed, threatened, opposed by some neighbouring nations and officials. But they completed the work nonetheless in 52 days.
    The lesson according to the speaker: Their heart was in it (Nehemiah 4:6).
    Same principle for life, work ethic, relationships I think. Give it your all, put your heart in it, no obstacle will be able to stop you.
  3. ......Mmmhh….I ain’t got a number 3 yet. I ll look out for one this afternoon and tomorrow :-P

Edit: I got my third: There is actually 3 sides to an argument, the 2 arguing parties’ and Jah’s. He knows the truth and yet forgives each party. So should we…2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoUplifted

I’d missed a spiritual pick-me-up. This weekend I’ve had just that. Scriptural gem after scriptural gem. Splendid! A couple that stick to mind.

Hebrews 11:6: Jah would not allow us to make sacrifices (obviously the ones He approves off) for Him without a reward. It would be unjust. And he is Justice.

Proverbs 3:5-8: If we walked along and bumped into our best friend, we wouldn’t dream of ignoring him/her. Same goes for God. “In all your ways take notice of him”. It’s easy to go along and do our own thing edging God out. but Edging God Out = E.G.O. Not good 2 years ago

SpeedySlim 2 years ago

Rudiano BambinoWhen everything seems to be falling into place...

I’m happy. Just need to commit those moments to memory so they can help me when things are not so good. These last few days, it feels I have been offered gifts. Without me lifting a finger (just praying), work opportunities have come (2 day’s worth Early March), free help towards flyer design for my business, and on the creative side, done a comic collaboration which was quite fun, also getting help to learn sight reading and a classical piece (Nocturne, Number 2 by Chopin) in exchange for French lessons. Also switched to a better service that will cost me less with a new branch of my bank. The advisor was really nice and the procedure has been easier than I thought it would be. Now I can start really keeping my finances under control and work towards being a true reflection of my ethic (not just working hard but working smart, doing what I am actually good at and have a little aside for emergencies).
Jah is taking care of me. I need to use the momentum so it carries me through the lows. 2 years ago

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