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take a roadtrip with my best friend

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MaggiemayisitTake time out

Everyone should put their lives aside and take a roadtrip to remember. Mine was beginning of last year with my boyfriend/best friend. Because we hadn’t been together too long, it really will be a spectacular memory! 4 years ago

JiJiJanetSpring Break--First two days

First Stop: Northampton, MA. Saw the river place where Sylvia Plath discovered Ted Hughes making out with some other girl. Ate in a nice restaurant, The Green Street Cafe—daughter “Z” ordered something for family to share. Smith College according to girls: “Too many girls in sweatpants”

Second Stop: Hadley, MA. Stopped at Emily Dickenson’s grave. I loved the arty kids and the barn at Hampshire. Hampshire College according to tour guide: “We compost here”

Third Stop: Amherst, MA. Indian Restaurant, store selling many typewriters. Amherst College according to girls: “Nice dorms” (I thought Amherst was beautiful, seemed like a serious but supportive environment)

Fourth Stop: Boston, MA. Walking to Boston University from hotel-getting lost-finding Fenway-begging hubby to let us stop for coffee (this man does not ever need to eat or pea-unless HE NEEDS to eat or pee)crossing highways on foot. Ahh we are here. Worst information session yet at BU. Saw people from Hampshire tour. Would need more time to understand this place. Urban environment dilutes the college feeling which is more present traipsing through the backyards (behind the buildings on Commonwealth) Boston University according to girls: ”......(unintelligible grunts) “

Fifth Stop: Medford, MA. Tufts University. See many obnoxious people including a group from BU tour in the morning. Starting to feel quite obnoxious myself. These backward walking kids leading the tours are intimidating daughter “B”. They are all so spunky and poised. She fears no college will feel right—she won’t be ready-she won’t be confident enough-all of the kids are smarter (not bragging here-but certainly not ALL of the kids will be-she is quite the smarty pants herself) I remind her that they probably pick kids with that kind of personality for tours. Tufts according to girls: “Z” liked it though their global perspective didn’t really ring true. She feels she may be too isolationist at this point in her life. “B” is a walking zombie and I am not going to press her. 8 years ago

Ronilyn RiceAlways worth doing

Several times actually, but the most memorable was years back to Omaha, it was a full weekend of the Old market, Sixth Sense and lots of shopping. FUn from beginning to end. 8 years ago

JiJiJanetCounting the Roadtrip with my Daughter

Just got back from visiting Rice University in Houston with the Toaster (my daughter). We had a blast—getting lost—seeing art-the Menil collection, the Rothko chapel with crazy black paintings and zen mats-eating, sleeping in a crappy motel room with noisy laboring HVAC that sounded like an airplane about to take off. Rice campus was beautiful, academics impressive-daughter was impressed only with a layered tights look that a girl was wearing. I’m wondering why we are spending so much time and energy visiting these places-it is fun though. 8 years ago

JiJiJanetFirst Steps...

Identify the Friend (Debbie the Strawberry)
Identify the Time (June or July)
Identify the Place (who knows…....) 8 years ago

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