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Be myself and not care what other people think about me


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it took me a really long time to be myself again and im not gonna lie its really hard but you need to reach inside and you and really get down to the problem. and there are going to be days when you just cant do it, but no matter what people say or what they think you have to accept that the only opinion that matters is your own and no one, NO ONE, can change that. no matter who they are, even if they are the person you love, your bestfriend, or some one who just means a lot to you. you can’t let them continue to bring you down because no matter how much they deny, that’s all they want. 7 years ago


i used to be myself.
then things changed.
and things havent been the same. 7 years ago

soccer0129I need to stop

I think that I always worry about what other people think is because my grandma does it so much, and my mom does it to ridiculous amounts, and they have unintentially taught me to do it. I have come to a point in my life, i am 18 years old, where I think it is holding be back socially. I am afraid to ask this one girl out because of what other people will think of me if I do. I can’t keep doing things like this, it is wasting my precious time. 7 years ago

roo9So isnt happening

Im really not sure how to do this, im currently avoiding meeting up with a friend as i havent seen them since before i put on weight and i dont want them to see me unitl ive lost it – im still me, i talk to them on msn but dread them asking to meet up (fortunately they live a fair distance) but the thought of them seeing me at the moment has me in a panic 7 years ago

RockstarIncognitoI'm going to start to be more independent

and I’m going to seriously start working on my self-confidence. I don’t like the needy, emotional, slightly crazy person I am. It’s hard because Jesse and I were separated for the most part of this year, so the lonliness and depression has changed my personality a lot. I want to wean myself away from needing approval and attention from my friends. I want to be able to hang out by myself and be perfectly ok with it. :P 8 years ago

Osirisboy07Love Myself

I found out that the key to not looking for love and acceptance from other people was to love and accept myself. 8 years ago


I’ve always done this and i don’t think i’ll ever stop. I think i do this is because i have ADHD8 years ago


today I wore two different types of socks… 8 years ago

razz51It's not that I don't care.

I care what others think about me, but I don’t care enough to change who I am to suit them. Not anymore. I rather like myself. Many people think the priorities I’ve had are wrong but the same people often envy my life. I don’t have much of a career but my grown kids think I hung the moon, and my 96-year-old mom is grateful to me for caring for her, and my 5 adopted animals love me and I get to play in clay anytime I want! Yesterday I made a pasta sauce from tomatos a friend grew seasoned with herbs I grew. Nothing better! Well, getting big, wet, sloppy kisses from my granddaughter is a little better! 8 years ago

WaynesworldI feel I have accomplished this goal.

I have gotten over the feelings of worrying what others thought about what I did or what they want me to be. 8 years ago


Im always caring what people think I really want to get over this but I dont know how. I think I get it from my mom she always cares what people think of me and if they think something bad she goes off on me and yells it sucks. 8 years ago

wilcopottergirlI love YOU

No matter what people in general appear to be thinking, when they see you being yourself, they are secretly envious. I’ve met many people who would tell me that I was “weird” or “crazy” when they first met me and then a week or two later they were trying to be just like me. It’s much more fun just to be yourself – you’ll be happier! 8 years ago

DeltaYankeeMy wife said that she can be herself around me

I have always done the things I wanted to do by being myself. I don’t try to fake out other people with acting like somebody else, so it freaked me out a bit that she used to do that. :-) But she’s learned that I love her for herself. 8 years ago

KeiyaA question

How do you react and keep your cool when people make fun of you and are cruel about what you say or do? How do you not get emotional and take things personally? (Extremely Emotional Person Asking) 9 years ago

sarah_futurelost myself...

Today is my first time to wear an official attire for an interview. Even though I get the offore, I feel nothing cos I am very unconfortable with the outfit. Not because it doesn’t fit physically but I am astonished I will go to work in a month! How come! I don’t wanna look like a professional or whatever. I wanna keep my naiveness, childshness and some features I like cos these things will disappear forever…and I have all my rest of life to be professional looking…life is full of limits.. 9 years ago

sarah_futureA little progress~

I wear a pair of slipper-like sandal to class! My roomate exclaimed at my shoes but I didn’t feel anything wrong~ I’m not sure whether it’s bad or not show repect, it’s the first time I don’t care others’ judge! Cheers~_9 years ago

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